The Sanitarium 1/24/23, 5:30 AM, 30 Degrees – THE LINE

PAX: 22 Total: Squeaky Clean, Razzle Dazzle, Dozer, Canadian Bacon, iMac, KOA, Irish Car Bomb, Kickstand, Chernobyl, Boss Hogg, Busser, Swiper, Uncle Jesse, Ray-Ban, Rooney, Beans, Simmons, Hups, Double dip, Ladybug (FNG, welcome!), Amadeus

QIC: Duracell

Warmarma: 10 side straddle hops, 15 sun gods, 15 reverse sun gods, 10 tappy taps,  10 big ones, 5 slow burpees, 5 fast burpees, 20 High Knees in Cadence, 10 Slap back jacks (start in squat position & clap hands behind back while jumping)

The Thang

Each PAX picked a line in the parking lot to use as their exercise accessory.  We High Intensity Interval Training rounds of 40 seconds of each exercise with just enough break between exercises to set up for the next move.  PAX used the line as a target to go to or over. 

We did 3 rounds of the following, with a slightly harder modifier offered for each exercise offered with each round…  Right Side Step Merkins (start perpendicular to the line, step right hand & foot to the line as you drop down into your merkin). Ski Down Abs (Sit on line, move your hands to the left down as you swing your feet to the right, alternate sides). Criss-Cross Feet while jumping over line. Plank Walk the line. Mountain Climber (small step back from line, cross line each step.)
We did 2 rounds of the following, with a harder modifier option for the 2nd round…. Merkin w/ hands on line & jump feet to line as you come up. Step back from line & lunge your foot to the line. Two footed mountain climber: Both hands over line, jump both feet towards hands & cross the line. Core: Boat position, hands in air & tap your feet on alternating sides of line.

Bonus Sanitarium Merkins… Set up in merkin position on one side of the line, explode up in merkin to lift off ground to opposite side of line.  Repeat crossing line to other side. 

Core Finish: 1 minute each exercise

Round 1: Balls to the wall w/ 5 shoulder presses.  Core: sit at bottom of wall w/ feet up, touch alternating feet.

Round 2: Chicken Peckers w/ 5 shoulder presses.  Core: feet on wall, side plank.

COT: The COT was based on using the line we used in the workout as a metaphor: What is your line & what does it mean to you?  We all have lines to cross with our goals: A marathon, 10k, 5k.  Or hitting a weight that’s too high, or the low line we want to achieve.  Or maybe it’s something we need to stop, such as no more drinking.  We discussed setting our line & what will it mean to us to cross it.  We also discussed partnering with other PAX as accountability partners to help reach our goals.   


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The Sanitarium

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