January 23rd, 2023

PAX (14): Escobar, Barn Door, Pit Stop, Yogi, Griswold, Kickstand, Rowdy, Smurf Turf, Copperfield, Obi-wan, Paramount, White Claw, Urkel, Hard Hat

Q: Hard Hat

Weather: Approx. 19 degrees, no wind, but plenty of ice/frozen slush on the ground and a layer of crisp, compacted snow. 

Four dudes knocked out a murph before hand: Barn Door, Escobar, Pit Stop, & Hard Hat. 

Welcome: At 5:30 we ran through the intro drill with no time to waste. The APEX was explained. A show of hands was asked for anyone that did not know they were showing up for an APEX. Four hands were raised. Excellent!

Right there by the flags, the group did their 1 minute of max rep burpees. Then we moved on over to the soccer field where the tape measure was set up. We had two guys jumping at the same time, one on each side of the tape measure. The snow made for some unfavorable conditions to be potentially setting and breaking any records. After everyone was through with their jumps, we moved on to the 2 minutes of max rep T-Merkins. 

Halfway through, and my had was starting to get pretty cold from taking a glove off to better record the stats. We then moved into the sprint-hop-carry, running 4 guys at a time. Two bruisers sat this one out, so we only had 3 rounds of this. That worked really well, because this test takes some time. Surprisingly, with the cold and hard packed snow, several guys were flying through this.Once completed, we walked over to the playground for leg tucks. After this, we walked on back to the shovel flag location, where the 2-mile run starts. The route was discussed, a couple of bruisers sat this one out, and everyone else was off! The bruisers were able to pick up the coupons, tape measure, cones and lights, then make their way to the finish line to record everyone’s times. 

Once the six was in, we made our way back to the flags to close things out. All in all, this was a great APEX and an awesome start to 2023 for tests. We had an APEX record attendance of 14, which crushed the previous record of 11. There were 6 first time APEXers, 4 of which were the guys that didn’t know what they were getting into. We also had a couple of patch earners. Obi-wan earned his APEX patch for completing his fourth APEX. Barn Door earned his Beast patch for breaking his 2nd PR since earning his APEX patch. 

We closed things out with announcements about the CSAUP, and Halfway House, plus some various other things you can find on Slack. We had prayer requests for Rowdy’s friend’s son that was recently diagnosed with Leukemia. Also prayers for Pit Stop’s M and a scan she has coming up. The COT was short. Many of the PAX present know that one of my boys wrestles, and that I help coach him. He’s been struggling lately with handling losses. He used to handle them fine, then won a tournament, and ever since has not handled his losses well. There’s a quote that I tell him often, it is: “Your mind must be stronger than your feelings, or you’ll lose every time.” I continue to learn and try to find ways to help guide him through these challenges. As I reflect on the quote and how it applies to me, I am reminded of discipline, and how many times I don’t feel like doing the things that I know are good for me. My mind must be stronger than my feelings in those little battles. Everyone here could have had that little battle in their head about whether or not to get out of bed and post in the cold for a fitness test. Whatever that looked like for everyone, they overcame those feelings and posted and got better for it. Continue to find ways to win those battles. 


Hard Hat

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