Plant Grown and Serve Small workout Group for the Reinvigoration of Mal community Leadership

5 Core Principle

Open to all men


Lead in a rotating fashion

Always outside

End on a COT

Not a professional so modified as needed.


This is new for me and different but I am turning 39 tomorrow so Let’s get this started. 

I little stretch

Tappy taps 10 IC

Big ones 10 5 each side

Let’s start 

At the park benches 

10 Derkins

10 Dips

10 Step ups  IC


Walt to the Tranny shop 

10 Jump Squats

10 Monkey Humpers

10 Ohh Yea’s 


Walk to the Figg and Wesgaye

10 Merkins

10 squats

Walk to the playground

10 Pull ups

20 Merkins 

30 Squats

Walk Grand view and Aberdeen 

10 bobby hurleys 

10 Lunges IC

Walk to the church Parking

One end Kettlebell swings of the RS Put one 

The partner bush the 2X4 to the other PArtner


At the court 

Heels to Heaven

Americans Hammers

Name the FNG 2.0 Abacus


I turn 39 tomorrow I want to thank you all for being here, thank you for the opportunity to lead you all today. Life is like baseball and this is not me saying it, is legendary coach Bobby Bowden who said this in a dinner I attended about 10 years with FCA, and after he said a lot of other things he ended with the baseball and how if you hit a home run and you are ruining through the bases if you miss first base you could be call out at the end, but what are those bases if we apply this to live, when we hit a home run, is probably one of the most exiting things we can do when we play baseball specially inside the park. but as we step through the bases think about if you miss first base, and go one and step on second and is family and grow and do well there, third base is your career and home plate is the end of your life your goals achieve what they get to say about you. But please never forget to step on first base the foundation of your life our Lord and savior who by his Grace has allow us to be here today and for me to celebrate one more year with all of you.

Lincoln Logs Prayer.

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