Monday, Dec. 19 | Mission Forge | Mission Park |10 degree wind chill

PAX (18): Yogi, Urkel (Hate), Escobar, Ice Box, Barbershop, Beaver, Snozzberry, Canadian Bacon (Respect, Respect), Kick Stand, Chippendale, Ketchup, Copperfield, Smurph Turf, Sweet Sweet, Fine Print, Splinter……..Cell, Paramount, Sparty

QIC: Sparty

What a glorious start to the week! Today was a first for a couple things: 1st Q at Mission Forge, and 1st time having to come up with a workout on a Monday. Until today, I had only Q’d Murphs on Mondays, so this was refreshing. I was super stoked to be on the Q as I have acknowledged MF from afar and appreciated their genuine spirit and consistent group of leaders. It wasn’t my first time there, but unfortunately I haven’t been able to post there much. I was reminded as I made my way out there as to what’s been my biggest obstacle, driving passed Red Wings on the way. And a huge compliment to Escobar and Yogi on their organized leadership. I reached out back in the early fall about wanting to get on the Q-Schedule and they were booked out for 2-3 months. The excitement as I arrived was filling me with warmth which was necessary for this cold morning. I knew the Smurphers were getting after it so I set up my cones right away and took a brief solo mosey to get my blood flowing, hoping that I would run across the BAMFs and luckily I caught them in action. As I returned to the shovel flags to wait for 5:30am, I was greeted by a familiar face, Canadian Bacon (Respect, Respect). He shared some kind and encouraging words that got me excited for the Q. The Smurphers returned and I was finally able to deliver Chippendale his Smurph Challenge shirt (my bad bro). And finally, it was 5:30am.

“Welcome to Mission Forge! This is F3 and I am Sparty. F3 stands for: Fitness, Fellowship, and Faith. Our mission is to Plant, Grow, and Serve small workout groups for men for the reinvigoration of male community Leadership. We operate on 5 Core Principles: 1. We are Free, 2. Open to all men (I then briefly blacked out for a second), 3. We are always outside, 4. We lead in a rotating fashion, 5. And we always end in a circle of Trust. I am not a professional, so please modify as necessary. I have 1 rule when I Q in the winter, Keep the men moving. So let’s go!”

We started on a mosey to the south and exited the parking lot only to take a couple quick rights to go into the neighborhood. We then entered back into the park on the SW corner (shoutout to my Southwest Leadership Squad) and made our way through the park heading north until we arrived at the basketball court for Warm-a-rama.


  • 20 SSH IC
  • 20 High-Knees IC
  • ATMS
    • 15 Alternating Shoulder Taps IC
    • 15 Tempo Merkins IC
    • 15 Merkins

The Smurphers just went from 200 Merkins to 230 in no time at all, and it was only going to get worse. I let the men know we had completed the WAR and we were going to loop back around to the fields on the east side of the tree line. When we arrived, I tried to explain quickly what we were about to do so we could avoid standing around. I had the men circle up and count off into 3’s. While We started this, the silhouette of a man getting out of his car emerged……who was this guy. I then explained that we were embarking on a 3-man Grinder and let them know what the flow was going to be and that all the exercises were single counts and not in cadence. The men divided and we got to work.

The Thang – 3-Man Grinder

  • North-side exercises
    • 100 Merkins
    • 50 Burpees
    • 100 Carolina Dry Docks
    • 50 Burpees
    • 100 Werkins
    • 50 Burpees
  • South-side exercises
    • 200 Air Squats
    • 100 LBCs
    • 200 Lunges
    • 100 American Hammers
    • 200 Monkey Humpers
    • 100 Big Boy Sit-ups

We had 17 guys to start with so Chippendale and I each joined a group of 3 until shortly after, the silhouette joined the group and we were blessed to have Splinter……….Cell join us for a perfect 18. I knew things were going well when Ketchup started to yell about 200 reps of an exercise. This is typically a great measure of a workout. Just as Khakis cussing, Ketchup’s frustrations point in a positive direction. Another sign that things were going well was that there were a couple jackets that got taken off. Meaning the men were cold. They were able to focus their minds on the exercises at hand and forget about the cold and being in the snow. I’m sure the burpees weren’t appreciated, but there is no better exercise in my humble opinion than those when it is cold, and snow is on the ground. My man Splinter would definitely agree. The clock struck 6:05am and it was time to clean up, “OMAHA!” And we all mosey’d back to the Flags.


  • 15 Gas Pumpers IC
  • 15 Alternating Heel Touches IC
  • 18 American Hammers IC Rancid Style

Name-o-rama: We must have caught the men off guard because the lack of response to Yogi was a little disrespectful. Barbershop celebrated his bday yesterday. Snozzberry was out of breath. Fine Print continues to receive no respect.

Announcements: No Smurph next week at Mission Forge and there will be a 6am start time. There is a lot going on at Wild Kingdom tomorrow such as 12 Gauge’s VQ and an Ugly Sweater Contest. Friday there is a convergence between Fancy Feast and Block Party – while there was plans about a coffee convergence as well to bring in Armory, Barbershop challenged the location (more to come).

Prayers: Pit Stop’s M, Bayside’s Dad, ICB’s relative, Escobar’s little Warrior, Guys that haven’t posted in a while, and men going through break ups and divorces.

COT: God works in mysterious ways to always help get us back on track. I have been struggling for the last several weeks as I feel like I have been a little derailed and my concentrica has been all out of whack. This comes in ebbs-n-flows for me and God always steps in at unexpected times to help correct me. Last week, we had an unfortunate incident at my children’s school in which a kindergartner passed away and her funeral was on Tuesday. While attending the service, I had a reoccurring experience that results in 2 things: 1. I spend time in sadness and praying for the life that was lost and the people that were closest to the person that are being Impacted by the loss of life. This was incredibly sad and painful to experience. 2. This may be very selfish but at a later point in the service, my mind always drifts off and I find myself arriving at the same thought each time: who would come to my funeral? I don’t know if I’m alone in thinking this at this time, but it’s a bad habit for me. However, this time, it took me down a different path……. “what happens when I die? And what does that mean about the way I live?” In F3 we know this as the What-What. This moment of selfishness allowed me to get realigned and think about what is most important to me and how I need to re-prioritize my life. This tragic event was a wake up call to a lot of us and a great reminder of how precious life is. I encourage you all to spend some time this week in deep thought and ask yourself these 2 questions, What-What? Hug your children this week and soak up every moment with them over the holidays. Thank you for the opportunity to lead today!

YHC took the men out in Prayer



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