12/12/22 Ironwood – Just Pick up the Phone

AO- Ironwood – Memorial Park

Q- Slow Pitch

16 PAX: Rocket, Sandy Cheeks (H), Wahoo, Side Dish, Doll Face (Respect), Rancid, Folsom, Gunner (Respect), Hipster (Respect, Respect), Frosty (Respect), Othello, Bovine, Grease Fire, Joe Buck (H), Tater Toot, Slow Pitch 

How the Gloom got started: The Q got there around 5:00 AM and drove right past, what looked a few fellas performing a few exercises near a school where a Smurph is typically performed. The Q was not going to participate in that activity. Slow Pitch grabbed his cones and placed them up Chicago Street. Chicago is a bitch. He then drove to Underwood and set them up in the same manner as he did previously. 

At 5:30 the Q started and asked everybody to get moving by running in place, some shuffle the feet. Basic nonsense while also trying to state the mission statement and the core principles of F3.

Mission Statement and Principles of F3: Free of Charge, Open to all men, held outdoors, led in a rotating fashion and it ends in a COT. The Q asked Othello if we farmer blow in front of someone while we run. He said yes. That is the wrong answer. The next question was to Rancid about if we spit where we do Merkins and he said yes. That too was the wrong answer.

It was explained that the Q usually does the Murph on Mondays and today there will be some form of that workout. We then prepared for the mosey.

Mosey to Chicago Street.

The Q asked Frosty to pick a core exercise that we would do 50 of and he picked LBC’s. Straight in cadence. He kicked ass leading them.   

The Thang: We are going to Bernie up that bitch to the next cone, do 20 Merkins, then Bernie to the next and do 30 Squats. A different Pax member led the exercise each time and this was repeated up the hill until the sixth cone, where we did core led by Tater Tot. We then continued this to the last cone at the top of the hill. We then ran down the hill, some of the guys picking up the cones on the way down. We then gathered and took a Mosey towards Dodge Street.

We all gathered at the sidewalk going from Dodge to Underwood. Hipster was asked to lead core exercises. He did this in sets of ten, different core exercises and the count was beautiful. Thank you! We then Moseyed to the first cone on Underwood and performed Merkins, then due to time Bernied all the way to the midway point and had Rancid lead core exercises. We then went to the top and Merkinedout, running back down to the flags. On Bernie up, Tater Tot and Sandy Cheeks were racing, and Tater spilled.  

6:10 Omaha

The Q doesn’t remember if he did Mary, but he did Namarama with everyone grabbing their ankles, ass in the air, like they just don’t care and face upside down between their knees. There was laughter.

Announcements and Prayers: Lots of 3rd F

Prayers: Rocket, Rooster and many others

COT: Just pick up the phone. I have been struggling with making up things and building resentments in my mind towards my father. Some not real, possibly some that are. I have 2 uncles that are having health challenges and I called them over the weekend to just see how they are doing. I also called my dad to do the same, there was general conversation, but I also made it a point to be intentional. Ozark led a COT earlier last week celebrating his father’s 80th birthday, but his dad is no longer alive. He said if he only had one more day to talk to him…This resonated with me and realized my dad is still alive and same with two very influential men, in my life. I don’t want to look back and think about all of the times I had available, that I didn’t take to call those I loved. I told my dad that I needed to spend more time with him and he agreed. Not all of my issues will be resolved in a single conversation over the phone, but if I don’t call to initiate the first one, I’ll never have the opportunity to build on our relationship. Thank you to all of those that have shared something special in their COT’s so guys like me can apply it to my everyday life. 

Prayer: Someone said some amazing words to the Energies of the Earth

I am humbled to be able to lead such an awesome group of men! – Slow Pitch

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