December 15, 2022 5:15am
Chilly 26 degrees Feels like 18 degrees. Snow Flurries and wind 15-20mph.
AO: The Berm
PAX: Hei Hei, Motorboat, Bouncer, Al Borland, Desk Pop, Sparty, Truly, Plague, Chucky, Nailed It, Beaver, Cataracts, Toto, LCP (Q)
Announced: The Mission Statement, Credo. Disclaimer, and Five Core Principles. YHC was so worried about not missing the mission statement this time, that I forgot the most important (IMO) core principle, We are open to ALL men.
Asked about FNGs – no rookies today
Asked the pax to take a minute in silence and recognize how they showed up today and what their intention was for being there. Give that intention energy through thought and action with the coming beatdown. .


In place at shovel flags.
Big ones Side lunge stretch Tappy Taps
Full Extension Stretch Pigeon Stretch
Burpee Tour run in place

The Thang-Hot Box 100-LPC

2 man Grinder grinder
Pax paired up. 4 stations configured in a square with each station approximately 30 yards apart. Mode of travel between stations was wheelbarrow carry alternating the role after each completed station. Each pair responsible for completing the reps cumulatively.
1 Mercans x100
2 Side Straddle Hops x100
3 Push Press w/Coupon x100
4 Air Squats x100


Sparty lead us in
Gas Pumpers
Big Boy Situps
Side Touches
American Hammers Rancid Style

  • Prayer for numerous family members dealing with illness, or health concerns.
  • CSAUP coming up in Late January
  • Impact retreat Early january
  • Halfway house Dec 24, 2022
    This season of Christmas ebbs and flows between times of joy, times of stress, times of peace and times of chaos.
    This being said, how do you want to remember this holiday season? What memories do you want to carry? My perception of who Santa Claus is has changed, however I do absolutely believe in Christmas Magic. If we set the vision of what we think a beautiful holiday season is, it allows us to respond differently in times of stress and chaos. Don’t give stress and chaos oxygen to breathe. I was watching Yellowstone this week and Kevin Costner’s writer provided a great monologue to consider. Something to the tune of perfection rarely exists but when it does it is nearly impossible to sustain for long periods of time. I believe perfection is actually visible through beautiful imperfection. I believe even more in harmony, we absolutely can achieve this in our lives. This too is hard to sustain for long periods of time. We must be present to witness, create, and experience harmony. It is all around us just like God gives us signs all the time. We just need to open our eyes to his grace and influence. This was exceptionally true last night. I was holding my 1 year old daughter, Hazel, in my arms while making my way to her room to put her to bed. I began to walk up the stairs and she stared back at Mom with her pure blue eyes. She lifted her little hand and waved at her, her way of communicating good night and I love you. Just as she finished that gesture she started another one. She laid her little head down on my shoulder. I could feel her body relax fully in my arms and connect with me. At that moment she told me “I love you Daddy, I know I am safe in your arms and don’t want to be anywhere else”. This moment may have only been all of 15 to 20 seconds but it showed me perfect harmony and confirmed I was in the exact place God wants me to be. I challenge you to be present this Christmas season. Keep your eyes, ears, and heart open ready to recognize the daily harmony that exists. God Bless
    Chucky Took us out in prayer.

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