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Brickyard 12/16/22

Q: Biff

PAX: Bloodshot, Saferide, Honey Stinger, Spacebar, Betamax, Vanilla Ice, Touche, Woody, Caruso, Sandy Cheeks, Angry Note, Bobsled, Double Dip, Smashmouth, Stella, Swinger, Polaroid, FNG Carman SanDiego

F3 – Fitness Fellowship and Faith

5 Core Principles

         Open to all men
         Always Outside
         Led in a rotating fashion
         End with COT (Circle of Trust)

I am not a Professional! Modify.

It was a beautiful 20 degrees out with a Feels like of 7!  But the wind wasn’t too bad.  The area had just received a bit of snow the day before and the grassy areas were snow covered with about a 1/2 “ or less.  This presented lovely opportunities later.


Mosey down 67th St to the Pop Up Park.

I intended to play some holiday Heavy Metal Christmas music from August Burns Red but my phone had other ideas so we had to forgo that.

Cherry Pickers, Imperial Walker IC, First Snow Angels!!!, Ivan Dragos, Big Ones


Over concern that I didn’t have enough planned I decided to add in a Pre-thang I had not planned.  We did the Fire Drill – Chop your feet, each PAX member takes turns yelling FIRE or Down and we dropped, rolled to the right, Merkin, rolled to the left Merking stand up and chop your feet.  With the fresh snow in the turf we left a lovely ring, surrounded by a few snow angels from warmarama.  We moseyed back near the shovel flags for the thang.


We moseyed back near the shovel flags for the thang.

Set up a 3 man grinder version of a DORA. 

Coupon work on the North side of the park and Ab work on the South side with sprints between. Groups count up a cumulative number before advancing to the next exercise.

North Side:

100 – Sitting OH Press

200 – Sitting Curls

300 – Bench Presses

South Side:

100 – Frozen LBC’s (IC)

200 – Frozen Freddie’s (IC)

300 – Big boys

Rinse and Repeat

My group finished one round and then it was time for Omaha.


More Ab work!  Upper circle crunch IC, Accordion crunch (each side), Kobe Crunch

Then we rounded it out with Rancid Hammers


Who today woke up and said, I am going to have a bad day! My goal is to have a bad day! Yet we repeatedly let situations affect our attitude to make days bad and moods suffer, we let ourselves get pulled down to a lower level. We can’t live right if we don’t think right. Think positive today, look at your tough situation through a positive lens and watch your attitude about it change.

Aye, Biff

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