The Danger Zone 12/14/22, 5:15 AM, 27 Degrees

PAX: 12 Total: Knobs, Irish Car Bomb, Beans, Animal House, Jean Claude, Razzle Dazzle, Echo, Rooney, Sweet Roll, Crankbait, Busser

QIC: Duracell

Warmarma: 10 side straddle hops, 15 sun gods, 15 reverse sun gods, 10 tappy taps, 20 High Knees in Cadence, 15 slap back jacks (start in squat, jump as you clap your hands behind your back. 

The Thang:  We did decreasing “rounds” of multiple moves, starting with higher reps & counting down with each round.  The basic theory was to do a High Intensity Interval exercise & use isometric muscle tension as the recovery period. 

Round 1: Traveling Burpees: We did a burpee & instead of jumping up, jumped forward. We held a boat position (on 6, feet held at 45 degrees off ground & arms reached forward), then finished with Vee-ups of the same number as the number of burpees. We started with 10 & repeated, decreasing by 1 each round until we reached zero.  

Round 2: Bear Crawl + Bear Merkin: We did a bear crawl, held the bear position, & then did merkins of the same number as the number of yards we crawled. Rounds of 25, 20, 15, 10, & 5. 

Round 3: Crab Walk + Dips+ Frozen Freddies.  We crab walked, followed by dips & then frozen freddies to match the number of yards crab walked.  We did rounds of 20, 15, 10, & 5.

Round 4: We did 2 rounds of each of these exercises as our time was nearing the end.  Plank to Squat, Sets of 10, then 9.  Start in plank, then jump up to squat position, then alternated holding the plank & squat position.  Free Runner, rounds of 10 & 9 reps. Starting with 1 foot forward, jump up, bring your feet together, repeat.  After each round, hold lunge position with arms straight out in a yoga Warrior 2 pose.

COT: The COT was based off of planning end of year goals for work. We discussed how significant time is spent planning our work goals, when work is just a small part of our life.  Finally, we discussed the importance of defining life goals that are meaningful to each of us as individuals – the what, the why & the how.


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The Danger Zone

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