Date:  12/11/22 

Weather:  Misty, 29F, winds 10-20 mph 

24 PAX:  Motorboat, Bogey, Ranger Rick (respect), Ice Box, Caruso (respect), Snowman, Woody (respect), Predator, Stapler, Cole Butter (FNG-Welcome), Convoy, Bobsled, Mulligan (respect), The Fridge, Canadian Bacon (respect x 2), Yodel, Mr. Miyagi, Lemu (respect), Barbershop, Pantyhose, Superfly, Doppler, Truly, T-ball 

Q: T-Ball and Truly Co-Q 

This Co-Q has been on our bucket list to complete for some time. Truly and YHC grew up together in a small town as best friends and also spent a large chunk of our early childhoods watching a lot of TV shows/sitcoms/cartoons. We wanted to share some trivia with our fellow PAX and thought a little music trivia/theme songs would be a great way to laugh through the first beatdown of the week. 

24 PAX arrived to hear the F3 Core principles, Mission statement, Motto, and Credo, as well as exercise disclaimer.  We had 1 FNG Cole, who we welcomed with a beatdown that probably had him laughing and simultaneously confused as to what it is we do here 😊   

Warm-o-rama: The PAX proceeded from the flags to the parking lot/basketball court on the north side of the school for WOR. While the Dukes of Hazzard theme song played (I used to watch this on the Big 8 channel if anyone remembers that), we completed 15 SSH IC, 15 Tappy taps, 10 Sun Gods (fwd and backward), 10 Windmills (slow and steady), and finished with 10 Tempo Merkins. 

Pre-Thang:  With the men well warmed up, this was the trivia portion of the beatdown. 80s and 90s sitcoms were some of the catchiest jingles ever written and are deeply engrained in many of our brains. Apologies to our younger PAX in attendance as this likely fell on deaf ears, but it brought back a lot of laughter and great memories for the majority of the crowd. Each song played for appx 1 minute while PAX completed an exercise with a coupon. Songs and exercises listed below. Any failure to name the theme song resulted in 10 coupon presses, which we did not need to do because everyone rocked this trivia. Truly cheated though because I showed him the songs and then he chimed in with a couple that would have been difficult to get. Really wished I could have got the Night Court theme song thrown in as well. Maybe next time.

  1. Dallas: Alternating hands on coupon merkins 
  1. Magnum PI: Coupon squats 
  1. Just the Ten of Us: Bent over rows with coupon 
  1. Mr. Belvedere: Big Boys with coupon 
  1. Who’s the Boss: Carolina Dry Docks 
  1. Greatest American Hero: Coupon Alternating Lunges 
  1. The Jeffersons: Coupon upright rows 
  1. MacGyver (needed a couple hints on this one): LBCs with coupon extended 
  1. Alf: Coupon shoulder presses 
  1. Chips: Goblet squat with coupon 
  1. Different Strokes: Alternating coupon shoulder shrug 
  1. Growing Pains: Flutter kicks with coupon 
  1. Perfect Strangers: Chest press with coupon 
  1. Soul Glo song from Coming to America!: U call it with your coupon 
  1. Cheers: Johnny Dramas with coupon 
  1. Three’s Company: Tricep extension with coupon 
  1. WKRP (no frozen turkey drops): Rosalitas with coupon 

The Thang:  This took us until 5:52, at which point Truly took over the PAX and proceeded to the west playground for free for all exercise x 2 minutes. The PAX then moseyed around the south side of the school for 48 count of wall sits, then moseyed back to east side of school where the bars line the sidewalk. We completed 20 dips and 20 Derkins to the sounds of 80s rock and roll hits to keep the energy and laughter high. This carried us on another mosey back to the parking lot where we completed 20 step ups IC onto our coupons, followed by “circle jerks (Truly named this, not YHC)” where you quick shuffle around your coupon for 360 degrees, then reverse direction and complete this for 20 reps before Omaha was called. 

6 MOM finished with Cindy Crawfords, Heels to Heaven, Pickle Pushers, Gas pumpers and completed with a round of American Hammers Rancid style. 

FNG Cole (rhyming with coal, in the spirit of Xmas) was named Naughty List, excited to get to know him and thanks to Convoy for bringing him out! 

Prayers/Announcements: CSAUP will be 1/28, save the date. Continued prayers for Pit Stop’s M Lindsey, as well as Tin Cup and Mulligan’s son Xavier. Freed to Bleed event Friday 12/23, sign up on Slack. Operation Others and Wreaths Across America both happening on Saturday, Ketchup’s M Kelly is collecting gifts for families in need this holiday season, please reach out via slack or Twitter if interested in donating, and continued prayers for Slow Clap’s son. 

Circle of Trust: There is a notable health intervention that we may not always take advantage of and it has been shown to boost immunity, lowers stress hormones, decreases pain, relaxes muscles, prevents heart disease, eases anxiety and fear, relieves stress, improves mood, enhances resilience, strengthens relationships, attracts others to you, enhances teamwork, helps defuse conflict and can promote group bonding. All of these benefits can be attributed to laughter. We spend a lot of our lives jumping from difficult situations, stress, anxiety, pressure to be more active, more present, and to also keep crushing fitness goals. While these things are all present in our daily lives, the simple action of laughter helps with all of these areas of our lives and is so simple. Truly and YHC wanted to encourage the PAX to take the same laughter we heard during our trivia into their daily lives and to bring it to the gloom daily as it spreads like wildfire and will hopefully help those around you as well.  

Truly led the PAX out in prayer. 



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