Monday, December 12, 2022|Stormbreaker|Werner Park, Papillion, NE | 31 degrees, feels like 22 degrees, 80% humidity, Wind 11.6 mi/h from SE.

 “Assume Positive Intent”

10 Pax: Beans, Port-a-John, Dozer, Sweet Roll, Mulch, G-String, Echo, Gobbler, Crankbait, Swiper

QIC:  Swiper

4:45am     Smurph: Zorro, Razzle Dazzle, G-String, Swiper   

5:30 am    About 4:32 I got to the boat dock and set up my cones and lights.  It was dark and cold and the wind was blowing.  Drove back around and did the Smurph.  It was Zorro and Razzle Dazzle and I.  Nice small group.  We were running up the hill to the school and G-String came running down to meet us.  

After we got done with the Smurph we had a good 8-9 mins.  We went quick.  Zorro forgot his phone so I did the NOR.  

On to the beatdown.  I welcomed the Pax to F3 – and explained it is Fitness, Fellowship and Faith – reminding them of the mission to Plant, Serve and Grow small workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership.  And that is what we had today and I was excited to lead.  I was also excited to meet Goose, who I had not yet met. 

I covered the 5 core principles of F3.  1) Open to ALL men. 2.  Always Free.  3) Always held outdoors, 4) Lead in a rotating fashion and 5) Ends with a Circle of Trust (COT) and Grease Fire counted them out.  There were no FNGs today. 

I covered the Credo: Leave no man behind, but leave no man where you found him.  And we would live the credo out today.  I explained to the Pax that we would run to the other side of the Walnut Creek to the Outdoor Workout station by the Boat dock.  

5:32 am      Warm-a-rama

We started running!

5:40 am    Pre Thang: Getting there

More Running!

5:48 am    The Thang: Tabata at the Lake

I knew running to these stations (about 1.1 miles each way) would stretch the fitness of some of the regular StormBreaker Pax, but I knew our Creedo would provide for some good six picking up opportunities, and some good fellowship.  Once we got there I numbered us off and we had 10 HIMs.  I started explaining the outdoor workout stations and realized we had two extra guys, so I created two stations.  On the Smurph I was explaining my workout to Zorro and I said I was going to do 50 seconds on, with a 10 second rest.  He thought that would be too much and guys would push harder if it was shorter…Since he is an actual professional, and I just play one at F3, I modified and no one knew, until now.  So the workout stations would be 30 seconds on, with 10 seconds of rest to get to the next station.

  • Incline Merkins
  • Maverick Merkins
  • Knee Raises (thanks Apex)
  • Dips
  • Abyss Merkins
  • Box Jumps
  • Big Boys on the Bench
  • Bench Press
  • Burpees (Bonus Station)
  • Low Dollies

We were able to do 13 Rotations and then Omaha was called and the trek back to the flags began.  The wind was blowing, there was light flurries and these 10 HIMs all dug deep.  They all got better today.  We had a wide gap in speeds but a few guys picking up the six with me, which I always love to see.  Schrute even hung around from the Murph, helping to pick up the six and stayed for my COT.  That HIM just loves F3.

6:13 am     6MOM 

No separate Mary today, we got it in during the workout. 

6:13 am NOR

The Name-a-rama was completed – see above for list of those who posted.   


  • Blood Drive on Dec 23
  • I announced I would run a real murph, wearing weighted vests on Saturday at the Pit

Prayer Requests:  

  • Trench and his Mother in law and M
  • All of those battling with sickness, viruses, colds
  • Kickstand
  • Chloe
  • Tin Cup


It was a good workout today.  Guys pushed.  I told them everything in life is easier or better when you have a positive attitude.  We can accomplish so much more and impact so many more lives when the glass is half full.  When we approach difficult conversations, take a minute, take a pause and assume positive intent on the other end of the line.  It will go a long way to making those conversations go much smoother.

We host a pod cast at my work and we have athletes on there from time to time, and we had Tim Tebow on a few weeks ago and he quoted, “People we positive attitudes on life generally live 4.4 years longer on average.”  Wow, that is scientific data that being positive really works!  I took us out in a sweaty and cold ball of man.  It was glorious that at 6:17am, these 8 HIMs, (two had to leave) where out in dark, lifting up prayers and each other.

Aye! Swiper

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