December 12, 2022

Weather: 33 degrees with a light mist and wind 

Q: Hooah 

PAX Members: Animal, Khakis, Tuner, Tight Lip, Tin Cup, Spacebar, Vandelay, Honey Maid, Low Flow, Tug Boat, Oompa, Swinger, Wentworth, Chiclets, Rollbar

PAX members started gathering around the flags at approximately 5:15 for some mumble chatter and pre-stretching

5:30: Did the F3 intro – Fitness, Fellowship and Faith. Five Core Principles – open to all men, free of charge, always held outside, peer led in a rotating fashion, end in circle of trust (COT). Mission statement is to plant, grow and serve small workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership. Credo is to leave no man behind but leave no man where found him. Announced that I’m not a professional and to modify exercises as needed. No FNG’s.

5:35 Mosey to the Back of the School for Warm-A-Rama

   Cherry Pickers x 15 (In Cadence)

   Calf Raises x 20 (On My Up)

   Big One’s x 10 (In Cadence)

   Tappy Taps x 15 (In Cadence)

5:38 Pre-Thang:

11’s on the North side of the school’s upper drive hill                          (Air Squats and Merkins) 

5:48 Met on the field for count off to 3 for a group grinder

5:50 The Thang:

Group Grinder:
Group 1 started behind North goal – 
Big Boys X 15 (On The Up),
Alternating Shoulder Taps X 15 (In Cadence),
Heels to Heaven X15 (In Cadence),
Group picked for last two rounds   

Group 2 started behind South goal – 
LBC’s X 15 (In Cadence),
Air Shoulder Presses X 15 (In Cadence),
Freddy Mercury’s X 15 (In Cadence),
Group picked for last two rounds

Group 3 Push group started with group one –
(Monkey Humpers X 10 before running so group 2 had time to work)

6:05 Omaha was called – met back at middle of the field

No Mary due to overabundance of core during the beatdown:

Name-O-Rama was completed


                Nugent Flag Pass – Oompa to Hooah

                Feed to Bleed on 12/23/22

                CSAUP on 1/28/23

Prayer Requests:

                Tin Cup

                DiGiorgio Family

                Chicklets’ M

                PAX members, their M’s and 2.0’s that might be struggling physically and/or emotionally as we enter of a joyous but stressful time  

COT: Thank you to Khakis for reminding me to do my COT! Recently read that Travis Kelce (KC Chiefs tight end) set-up a wellness endowment for student-athletes at his alma mater. When he was being recognized, someone stated the following: “The world isn’t affected by your opinion but it is influenced with your actions”. We often times find ourselves falling in the ‘exchanging of opinions trap’ so I challenged the PAX to put more focus on caring for and looking out for those in need especially during the Holiday Season. Not only will this make a difference in the lives of those in need, it will also give us greater purpose as we do our part to influence the world one interaction at a time. The Q led the PAX in prayer. 

Coffeeteria: Khakis Cafe

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Our mission is to plant, grow and serve small (free) workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.

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