Friday, December 9, 2022

Kiewit Middle School

30 degrees and damp

PAX: Mr. Deeds, Honey Maid, Cataracts, Ozark (respect), Scoober, Chiclets (respect), DOA, Vandelay (respect), Bouncer, Armbar, Wentworth, Killswitch, Mulligan (respect), Golden Pike, Wait Time (respect), Skipper, Doppler and Superfly

QIC: Super Fly

Super Fly welcomed the 17 other PAX to The Combine. He stated the F3 Mission Statement, 5 Core Principals, the Credo, but remembered he wasn’t a professional, and asked if there were any FNG’s. No FNG’s this morning! 

We moseyed from the Shovel Flags, taking a lap around the track, ending at the high jump area for Warm-O-Rama. 


10 – Cherry Pickers (IC) 

10 – Big Ones

10 – Chinooks (IC)

10 – Tappy Taps (IC)

10 – SSH’s (IC) 

10 – Sun gods (IC)

That concluded Warm-O-Rama, so the PAX moseyed to the parking lot, to the deck of cards for the Pre-Thang.

Pre – Thang – Parking Lot

We busted out the deck of cards, with the number on the card being the # of reps (face cards were 10). The Jokers were wild, allowing the PAX chose the exercise and # of reps. Each suit had its own exercise to coordinate with it. Clubs = Merkins, Diamonds = Squat Jumps, Hearts = Flutter Kicks (IC), Spades = Big Boys. We did about 12 different exercises before Superfly called Omaha on that portion of the beatdown.

Thang – Football Field

Superfly split PAX into 4 groups to complete the “wheel” grinder. We had 4 spokes and a hub. The hub consisted of 5 burpees each time you returned from the exercise. Each spoke had an “a” & “b” exercise you’d complete before returning to the hub, as you went around the wheel. Station 1 was core, 20 reps each in cadence, LBC’s and Frozen Freddies. Station 2 was legs, 20 Air Squats and 20 Monkey Humpers IC. Station 3 was core, 20 reps each in cadence, Flutter Kicks and Box Cutters. Station 4 was arms with coupons, 20 Arm Curls and 20 Bent Over Row.

Omaha was called and the PAX returned to the shovel flags for Mary.

Mary – Shovel Flags

We finished with a round of American Hammers, rancid style with all PAX involved.



Check Slack all of the 3rd F opportunities. Abide is on Saturday 12/10, Operation Others and Wreaths Across America is on Saturday 12/17, Freed to Bleed on 12/23.

Prayer requests for Mulligan’s son Xavier, Slow Clap’s son Cole, Trench’s mother-in-law who passed, and all of the PAX that may be out with sickness or injury.


Superfly spoke about taking time the next couple of weeks, looking at what you’re wanting to accomplish next year. There is a book that I’ve read in the past called “One Word” by Jon Gordon, that is a quick read. That book helps you discover that one word that can help describe your focus for the year ahead. My focus word for 2022 was THRIVE. In previous years I’ve had the work TENACIOUS and PERSEVERE.

Cataracts closed the PAX out in prayer.

Aye, Superfly out!

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