12/10/22 The Pit– A little grace.

AO- Halleck Park

Q- Slow Pitch

14 PAX: Khakis (Respect), Duracell (Respect), Farva, Swiper, Firewalker, Busser, Low Flow, Rooney, Girl Dad, Eat Tag, Chernobyl, Tater Tot, Koa, Slow Pitch 

How the Gloom got started: The Q got there around 5:30 AM and drove right past, what looked like real big group of dudes preparing to pre run.  Although, pre runs are great, not getting involved with this one, since there are cones to set up.  We’ll put 11 over here, then think about it, nah let’s do 13. As much as the Q doesn’t like to do it, he wanted to work to complete failure this morning and he knew what would take him there. Slow Pitch then set up four other (kick ass light up) cones around the lake for the 11 Squared workout. When finished, he went to Goose Poop Island and checked out the Christmas lights, realizing this is where were doing the Pre-Pre Thang. He then set his watch and ran out the distance and timed how long it took to get to where his stations were. Anyway it’s about 5:28 and the running guys are coming in.

At 5:30 the Q started and asked everybody to get moving by doing some Side Straddle Hop, somerunning in place, some shuffle the feet. Basic nonsense while also trying to state the mission statement and the core principles of F3.

Mission Statement and Principles of F3: Free of Charge, Open to all men, held outdoors, led in a rotating fashion and it ends in a COT. 

There were two new principles added; #6 no spitting where we exercise, #7 no farmer blowing while running in front of somebody.

Short Mosey:  Goose Poop Island

There was so much mumblechatter and it was great to hear all of the laughter. Also, not to be missed was Farva’s absolute fart bombs.  We are all men in our 30’s to over 50 and we still laugh at farts. We started off with three merkins in 120 seconds:

10 seconds in plank, 10 seconds halfway down, 10 seconds at the bottom, 10 seconds halfway up, 10 seconds plank and repeat. Mumblechatterstopped at about the 90 second mark. Next was Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes. We all sang the song first and went through the motions, so we remembered how it went, but the Q showed them that a Burpee was at the bottom for the toes portion, then we all participated in the exercise. We did four rounds of the song and Slow Pitch was really struggling to breath after the second one. There was encouragement for more, so we did more and faster. This is still a dumb exercise. Let’s Mosey


The PAX was instructed to follow him on a Mosey to the parking lot where the cones were set up at the end of parking stalls for The Pre Thang.

Pre Thang: Hand Release Bernie Ladder

The Q asked everyone to partner up and they did this would be your partner for the entire workout. The pre thang is the Hand Release Bernie Ladder, which is one hand releaseMerkin at the baseline cone, then Bernie to first cone and do a hand release Merkin, run back to the baseline cone do a hand release Merkin, then Bernie to second cone, doing two hand releaseMerkins and so forth until you do 12 HR Merkins. This would be repeated for 12 cones, then back to the 11th cone. Everyone was crystal clear that we would go until the alarm went off. Once the alarm went off (6:25), we Moseyed to the kickass light up cones. For the Thang.

The Thang: 11’s Squared

We split the group into two but remaining with our partners. At the cones were exercises and the first set was Merkins and Burpees. The Pax was instructed to do 10 Merkins at a cone, then go to next cone, do 1 Merkins, next cone 10 Burpees, next cone 1 Burpee. The next round was 9,2,9,2 and then 8,3,8,3 and so on. Omaha was called before the next exercise. We then Moseyed back to the flags.

6:45 Omaha

At the flags for Mary, we tried something new. The Q asked four Pax members to name a core exercise that we do in cadence, and we were going to perform this rancid style, one after another in the circle. Farva chose Heals to Heaven, Swiper – Chloe’s, Tater Tot – LBC’s and Firewalker – Sarpy Slammers. This did not go too smoothly, as one might have guessed. We eventually made it around the circle, there was just enough giggling and WTF’s. Not certain if anyone’s core got worked. 

We then circled up and the Pax was given instructions to run in place through the recording of the Nama-Rama video. This was the second time that Slow Pitch attempted this visual rollercoaster, and he was pleased that everyone was willing to participate in the stupidity.

Announcements and Prayers: Free to Bleed, Halfway House on Christmas Eve, the Pit Ruck Beatdown Combo Foods with bacon and yummies, Apex Monday, Catamount High Viz shirts, 2nd F Farva, 2023 CSAUP, Snakeskin: 2000 miles for some stud, Low Flow getting noticed for his light speed, Real Murph Saturday at the Pit – bring your vest and Downrange posting, Swiper might have kept adding things if there was more time. 

Prayers: Trench and his family, Lindsey, Tin Cup, Kickstands Mom.

COT: My mom used to say, when we may see somebody that was homeless or that was arrested for a crime, “that was somebody’s little boy too.” I had recently met a young man that had explain to me a tragic accident that was his fault and the consequences that he was facing. I thought to myself how I wasn’t much different than him, however my consequences were never as great for my actions as they were for his or for the tragic outcome that happened for other families. I listened to him, and I thought what it was like to be his father and stand in front of him listening to his son’s words. My heart broke for that family and for all the families that were impacted by his decision. I have to remember that I am not different from others and I have to give people the grace to make mistakes. his story is heartbreaking, but it’s not over and I hope to be a positive impact in his life and others I come across. In order for me to do that I must give grace.

Prayer: Khakis (Respect)

I am humbled to be able to lead such an awesome group of men! – Slow Pitch

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