Weather/ Temp low 20’s , No Wind (surprising)

4:35 Pre runners -Lake run – Alot of HIM

4:45 Pre runners -Neighborhood run -Bambi, Bob Ross, Laser Jet, Al Borland, Bouncer

PAX count 26- Al Borland, Bob Ross, Greenhouse, Bambi, Skipper,Truly,Armbra, Long Neck, Almost Famous, Farva, Motorboat, ShortSail, Slow clap, Cataracts, T.C., Laser Jet, Pantyhose, The Plague, Chucky, Doppler, Ranger Rick, Hei Hei, Stripes, Kill Switch, Flowers, Bouncer

Prior to pre run VQ arrived on Site @ 430 to go set up for Warmarama, Prethang, and The Thang setting up a few cones on soccer field, getting coupons ready as well.

After stating F3’S mission statement, 5 core principals, creedo, and disclaimer ( I am definitely not a professional so modify if needed). All Pax took a Mosey to The Berm and up to the top of the hill where we circled up.


15 Side Straddle Hope I/C

15 Merkins

15 Air Squats


Mosey’d back to Flags to grab some Basketball’s to do a little knockout on basketball court. (Two groups of 13) 

Motorboat and Doppler realized two basketball’s in two groups to play knockout could be a potential issue. HaHa -However Al Borland and Farva saved the day and had extra basketball’s so party resumed. Every shot missed by PAX they had to drop and do a Burpee. PAX’s in line performed Squat Jumps or Merkins until they were up again. 

Two winners emerged- Long Neck and Bob Ross


Grabbed Coupons and went to Soccer field broke into groups of (3ish) Grinder Style

1’s Exercises Goalie Box

Station 1 

1st round-15 Merkins> 15 Dolly’s>15 LBC’s>15 squat jumps

2nd round 15 Werkins>15 Shoulder Taps>15 Heels to Heaven>15 squat jumps

Rinse and Repeat exercises waited for 3’s to pass off coupon 

2’s started with 1’s and Murder bunnied to mid field stopped and performed 5 Thrusters/5 Bicep Curls then Rifle carried Coupon to Partner 3 for handoff then performs 3’s exercises. Then wait for 1’s to bring coupon back.

2nd travel for 2’s Murder bunny to mid field stop and perform 5 Blockees/5 Bicep Curls then Rifle to Partner 3 for handoff then performs 3’s exercises. Then wait for 1’s to bring coupon back.

3’s Exercises other Goalie Box

1st Round – 15 Big Boys> 10 Reverse Lunges per side>15 Freddie Mercury’s>15 Catalina wine mixers

2nd round- 15 Box Cutters>30 calve raises I/C>10 Jim Braddock’s> 15 Catalina wine mixers

Rinse and Repeat exercises waited for 2’s to pass off coupon to perform murder bunnies to mid field then perform exercises to pass coupon off to 1’s. Then performed 1’s exercises until 3’s brought coupon back to pass off.

Called OMAHA @5:50 all circled back up by flags to perform some American hammers before Namearama. 

Prayers and Announcements

Prayers for Slow claps son Cole, Prayer’s for Nailed It’s sister’s Father in law Jim, Prayers for many people battling different diseases, homelessness, addictions and for safe travels through holiday seasons still ahead.

Announcement of Impact Retreat begining of January

Ended with COT focusing on Awareness, what F3 is to me and how aware it has made me become trying to focus on all the things good in our lives. Becoming more aware at home, with our children, our M’s, out in public, at work, be more aware of how you can impact someone’s life and make it better. I spoke about how I struggle with my own thoughts and getting wrapped up in myself that I often miss out on some of the most precious gifts and things going on right in front of me. If I was to pay closer attention and be more aware of my surroundings I could see the beauty in front of me more often. It is very hard for me , however with F3 I have recognized that and been more cautious on how I live my life trying to serve better and help others more daily. Everyone in F3 I have met I am Thankful to and appreciate the friendship and amazing relationships I have developed. Thank you again and I challenge everyone to be more aware of the positives in your lives and how can we become more HIM to be better everyday.

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