12/9/2022 Friday at the Armory

PAX:  Bogi  T Party Big Unit, Steeple, Chowder, Longneck, Vlasic, Slow Clap, Boji, Motorboat, t-swift, home alone, obi wan, blades of Glory

Weather: 35 degrees

7 for the Tanker Trot:  T party, obi Wan, T swift, Bogi, Blades of Glory, steeple, home alone (I think…)

5:30 F3 Intro….

Warma Rama:

20 Side Straddle Hops IC

Yoga:  Down dog, Stretched legs out, Runners Stretch, Pigeon, Down Dog 1 leg up (rotate)

Run to Relevant:

½ way there baby (shout out to Speed Square) we stopped to do 20 Monkey Humpers IC

Continued to run to Relevants parking lot and was planning on meeting by the entrance.  I asked for a wall and for the next 2 min was trying to find a wall that would work for all of us and not damage the siding of the property or put shoe prints on windows.  So Modified and switched to doing something different later on.  

Circled up for a TABATA as follows… 

50 seconds on 10 Seconds off 7:  2 Sets 1 min break in between

  1. Side Lunge Squats
  2. V-Ups or Big Boys
  3. T merkins
  4. 180 Jump Squat
  5. Chuck Norris or Diamond Merkins
  6. Chil Cut w/ Hip Dips
  7. Burpees

Lots of mumble chatter between the pax, some comments about the song choice but kept us moving.

Modifying and skipping the Thang I had all ready.. Yes it was ready.. It was all typed out ready to go but with very limited timeleft I wanted to try to stay moving and keep the pax somewhat together.  

Headed over to the parking lot for 30 IC shoulder taps straight into 30 IC foot taps. (substitution for the balls to the wall options)

Pax took a big lap around the parking lot and then planked for the 6 or picked up the 6

Then we did some Dips.  10 Dips w/ Right leg up.  10 dips w/ Left leg up  Big unit did a 10 count.  Then 20 Dips.

Started to run back to the flags. 

½ way there we stopped where we did last time to do 20 IC Air Squats…

Continued to the Flags.  

But when I saw the Tank I got inspired to do some walking lunges toward the tank so we did!

With that we were back at the Flags… 

Circled up for American Hammers.  There were 14 of us.

Nam o Roma.

Prayer Request:

Slow Caps son Cole came home Praying for sobriety and healthy boundaries of fathers love towards his son.

Motorboat Friend Daniel car accident

T swift friend Kati in ICU brain surgery pray for her and family

Saint Roberts Kindergarten sudden student passing for the community and family

Vlasics Friend Brian  His son Michael bleeding in the brain accident.

With time already past 6:15, I encouraged pax to check slack for announcements.

F45 is probably really cool and would get a great workout but I love the culture here with f3 Omaha so I’m happy with just having 3 F’s instead of 45….  Yes f 45 stands for 45 minutes.. I know.


As typical I type out my thoughts and what I want to communicate.  Then in the moment it changes and it’s fine I am learning to go with it.  Recapped past 2 years…. And being okay with the results… However I was offered hope… I was angry about it because so many times in the past 2 years when there was hope I clung  to it and I was typically let down… So I admitted that I need help to go another 6 months… A lot of it has to do with my mindset but being around the HIM keeps hope alive.  It’s a safe place to admit that you need help, we are here for each other.

Thx f3Omaha 


Blades of Glory…

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