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Q: Barn Door

I arrived early to check out my route for any potential ice spots. I also used this mosey to confirm the sidewalk route around the school is very close to 0.5 miles. 

17 PAX arrived at the Flags and heard the Core principles, Mission, credo, and disclaimer. 

We moseyed to the NE corner of the school where I found a nice concrete slab tucked in the corner. We proceeded into Warm-a-rama which consisted of 15 IC each: SSH, Tappy Tap, Imperial Walkers, and Cherry Pickers


We stayed on the slab for a Failure pre-thang. We completed each of these exercise to failure individually. And as you all would expect Hard Hat won pretty much every round. I think he just stopped on most of them because everyone else was already done.

  • Merkins to failure
    • After Failure: Al Gore
  • Monkey Humpers to failure
    • After Failure: LBC AMRAP
  • Flutter Kicks to failure
    • After Failure: Overhead Air Press AMRAP


We continued on our mosey around the school for one complete lap and then convened at the East side of the school near the benches for Gator and Mufasa’s favorite round of dips.

  • East Side = Dips on benches
    • 90 degree
    • Left Leg
    • Right Leg
    • Out

The mosey then continued on to the West side of the school at an open section of wall for a little leg and core work.

  • West Side = Wall
    • Wall sit – 1 minute
    • Donkey Kicks
    • Low Dolly’s
    • Freddy Mercury’s

We made it around the school about 1.5 times before we proceeded back to the concrete slab for another round of failure exercises.

“Omaha” was called and we stayed right there on the slab for Mary where we complete 1 round of Rancid style Hammers.

Then we moseyed back to the flags for NOR.


  • Abide this weekend. See Slack for more details.
  • Boji’s Wreath opportunity on 12/17. Need 7-8 people. M and 2.0 friendly.
  • Apex for December is next week Monday @ Walnut Creek and Thursday @ Aldrich.
  • Oscar Mike is at Canyon tomorrow.


  • Urkel’s family as they mourn the loss of his dad.

Circle of Trust:

I like the exercise to failure routine because it pushes our muscles to a point of growth and this leads into the mindset of growth/opportunity.

Failures or mistakes should never be looked at as such, and they definitely should never make YOU feel or think you are a failure. Failure is merely an opportunity for growth and learning. Whether this occurs in your personal life, career, relationships, etc…, just use it to your advantage and learn and grow from that mistake.

“My life is full of mistakes. They’re like pebbles that make a good road.”

Hard Hat led us out in prayer.


Barn Door

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