The Steel Mill 12/8/22, 5:30 AM, 22 Degrees “Assume Positive Intent”

PAX: 22 Total: Knobs, Duracell, Kick Stand, Dozer, Bobsled, Muffs, Sweet Roll, Animal House, Skids, Ear Tag, Scissor Hands, Busser, Ditty, Crankbait, Irish Car Bomb, Chernoble, Low Flow, Fun Dip, Rooney, Schutte, Amadeus,

QIC: Mr Hanky

Warmarma: 10 sun gods, 10 Michael Phellps, 10 tappy taps, 10 Imperial Walkers, 10 Big Ones, One lap around the parking lot.

The Thang: We did “rounds” consisting of 10 exercises in the order and for the repetitions indicated and repeated until “Omaha”:

10 – T-Merkins

20 – Overhead Presses w/ Coupon

30 – V-Ups

40 – Body Weight Squats

50 – Coupon Swings

60 – Coupon Rows

70 – Flutter Kicks w/ Coupon in Rifle Carry Position

80 – Lunges (in position or out & back)

90 – Crunches

1   – Parking Lot Run

Rinse & Repeat 

SWOLE Award: Boss Hog left instruction for the SWOLE Award to honor Dozer and that happened

COT: Starting with the phrase, “Assume Positive Intent,” we discussed how that could create a positive mental frame around negative situations & behaviors.  Building off of this phrase we moved to, “Assume No Ill Intent,” when someone cuts you off in traffic, fails to hold the door when your arms are full, or fails to hold the elevator when they see you approach…It wasn’t personal don’t take it that way.  When focusing with this in mind on the receiving end also focus on the dying life lesson/perspective of a relative of Muffs (from a previous COT) “DBAD” or “Don’t be a dick,” on the sending end of things


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