12/8/22, The Coop, F3 Omaha, 5:30am 21deg

Q: Honey Stinger

PAX: Toadstool, Brazilian, Pig Pen, Chicletts, Huffy, Tight Lip, Dirty Bird, Landsbury, Edison, Stella, Honey Maid, Smashmouth,

5:30am: Greetings, hug n handshakes, core principals and mission statement

The PAX takes off on a mosey that lasts too long for some and end up in the Christ the King church parking lot. Along the way merkins, air squats were performed at stopping points along the way.

WOR: sun gods, hillbilly rockets, goof balls, imperial walkers, ATMsx10IC

Pre pre thang: Stinger had four cones lined up in the parking lot about 15 yards a part. Stinger ordered the PAX to perform 3 rounds of skeleton drills. The PAX seemed displeased

After the third round of skeleton runs the PAX was ordered to mosey back to Swanson school/park along the way more merkins and airsquats were performed until the mosey stopped at the infamous hill between the school building.

Stinger informs the PAX to run to the top of the hill, perform 2 burpees, run back down and do 10 Bobby Hurleys. RnR 3 times

After round 3, a ten count and some scowls from the PAX Stinger leads the crew to the soccer fields for a partner workout.

The Thang: PAX partners up, one partner runs down the field, around the soccer goal and back to relieve the partner doing the following: Merkins, Carolina DD, Jump Squats, LBCs, Big Boys, Flutter kids, Bobby Hurleys, Alt Shoulder TPS

6:04- Omaha is called and Stiner leads the PAX back to the shovel flags for 6MM

6MM: flutter kicks, heel touches, LBCs, Pickle pounders, pickle pushers

Announcements, prayer requests that we will hold between us and the Sky Q

COT: “we are gonna do something, we just don’t know what?” Inspired by recent episodes of the podcast the Gloom, Stinger talks about finding inspiration to go down the third F path. Some of us find inspiration and motivation through big life events, events that change our direction immediately and forever. Most of us will never get hit in the head that hard. Answers come from action. Stinger acts the PAX for action this season. Donate, volunteer, look for ways to create positive action. We are men of action, find answers in action. SYITG H. Stinger

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Our mission is to plant, grow and serve small (free) workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.


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