AO:  The Helix – Hillsborough Park, Omaha, NE

Weather:  26°, Feels Like 20°, 3-5 mph ENE wind

0440 5-mile Prerun (5): Truly, Pantyhose, Toto, Sparty, Chucky
0500 3-mile Prerun (2): 
Al Borland, Steeple

Beatdown – PAX (13):  Truly, Lunch Lady, Steeple, Sgt Pencil, Pigpen, Al Borland, Hang Ten, Slow Clap, Nailed It, Pantyhose, Sparty, Chucky, Stripes 

FNG’s (1):  Kevin with a difficult last name (Ranger Rick)

QIC: Stripes

YHC arrived to the AO at 0510, took a mosey around the park to recon for the pre-thang, and set up lighted cones on the basketball court for the thang. The prerunners and other PAX members arrived from 0525-0530. YHC welcomed PAX, stated the three F’s, mission statement, five core principles, credo, disclaimer, and asked if there were any FNG’s. There was one (Kevin) who came with Steeple.


(20) Side Straddle Hops (IC) 

(20) Big Ones (3-count left, 3-count right)

(20) Tappy Taps (IC)

(20) Mountain Climbers (IC)

(20) Cherry Pickers (IC)

(20) Sun gods (IC)

(18) Reverse Sun gods (IC)

(20) Seal Claps


Triple Double Mosey:  YHC led the PAX on a ¾ mile mosey around the park stopping 3 times along the way to do 3 random exercises each with double-digit repetitions. YHC had a list of exercises numbered 1-18 and called on a member of the PAX to pick a number to determine the exercise and then choose how many reps of the exercise would be completed. We finished at the basketball court (weird) for the thang.


Triple Double Gassers:  YHC had 4 lighted cones placed at the near 3-point line, halfcourt line, far 3-point line, and endline. PAX members lined up on the baseline and on YHC’s whistle, everyone would sprint from the baseline to the first cone and back then complete 10 reps of an exercise chosen by YHC. Next whistle sprint from the baseline to the second cone and back and complete 10 reps of another exercise. Next whistle sprint to the third cone and back, complete 10 reps of a final exercise. Last whistle sprint to the final cone at the endline and back. We completed this three times then mosey’d back to the flags for 4 more core exercises and finished with American Hammers IC/RS.

Prayer Requests and Announcements 

  • Prayer requests:  Homeboy (meniscus surgery), Donna (ICU with heart concerns), Mr Deeds (going through a rough patch), Dale (mass in lung)
  • Announcements:  Bouncer’s VQ at The Berm Thursday, ABIDE volunteer opportunity this Saturday and Operation Others volunteer opportunity next Saturday (contact Sparty for details), Impact Retreat Jan 5-7

COT – Move with purpose

An observation I’ve made from being a first-time coach for my 3rd grade daughter’s basketball team is how often the girls stand around and don’t even move when we have the ball. I’m constantly yelling, “MOVE” and the result often ends with our dribbler picking up her dribble, getting double or triple-teamed, and ultimately turning the ball over while the other girls just stand and watch. It’s not easy to get 3rd grade girls to understand the concept of moving with purpose on the basketball court (cutting, back-cutting, flashing, screening, etc), and why it’s important to move with purpose (to prevent turnovers and create scoring opportunities). I used that analogy because I feel like I can also have a hard time incorporating the concept of moving with purpose in my everyday life. We can get so busy in the day to day that it’s easy to take for granted what’s really important and why it’s important. We all have a calling or a purpose, so I urged the PAX to not only take time to think about their purpose, but also to be intentional in their actions (or movement), to positively contribute to the forward motion of their purpose.

Closed out in prayer.



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