11/16/2022 – AO Top Rope – 19 degrees

33 PAX: Sweet Sweet, Tea Party, Golden Pike, Superfly, Oompa, Lansbury, Boji, Slow Pitch, Sister Act, T-Swift, Big Unit, Chowda, Sparty, Fine Print, Ketchup, Larry Legend, Barbershop, Old Spice, Motorboat, Grip-N-Rip, Sasquash, Patton (respect), Doppler, Mother Goose, Da Kine, Long Neck, Obi-Wan, Bogey, Khakis (respect), Steeple, Tatter Tot, The Plague, and Da Fridge.    

VQ – Kryptonite

5:30 – Intro was completed

• What F3 stands for

• 5 core principals

• Mission statement

• Credo

• No FNGs in attendance 

• Disclaimer

Slow Pitch needlessly interrupted to ask where to spit? Site Q Superfly informed him he was ruining the intro of the VQ.  The mystery of this question has yet to be unraveled. Superfly noted to the group the into was completed without the use of a weinke. 

5:35 – Warm-O-Rama

PAX circled in large parking lot just below shovel flags.

• 20 Side Straddle Hops IC

• 15 Cherry Pickers IC

• 15 Michael Phelps IC

• 15 Sun Gods (10 forward- 10 backward)

• 10 Big Ones

• 15 Tappy Tapps

• 20 Mercins

5:40 – Pre-Thang

PAX moseyed down trail to field behind Aldrich where we numbered off into groups of 4.  4 stations were set up for the small groups to rotate through twice. The 4 stations were denoted with illuminated lanterns and cones, however there was confusion in the PAX of how and where to rotate. Each station had the corresponding exercises noted. 

• Station 1

1. 15 Burpees

2. See number 1

• Stations 2

1. 20 Mountain Climbers IC

2. 20 Plank Jacks IC

• Station 3

1. 20 WWI

2. 20 Heels To Heaven

• Station 4

1. 20 Diamond Merkins

2. 20 Werkins

Once each group completed each station twice. Omaha was called and the Pax circled for instructions on the Thang.

5:55 – The Thang

The PAX grouped into 3 man teams for a grinder.  Each end of the field was illuminated with lanterns and cones with instructions.  

One side of the field completed core exercises AMRAP

• Flutter Kicks


• Freddie Mercurys

One team member is running for the push

The other side of the field completed cumulative reps for the 3 man team

• Merkins x 150

• Monkey Humpers x 200 IC

• Chicken Peckers x 100 IC

• Squats x 300

6:05 Closing

• Name-O-Rama

• American hammers rancid style

• Prayers – Prayers for Pitstop’s M Lindsay

• Announcements – Thankful trot signups were noted. I also thanked the PAX for the strong turnout and support on my VQ.  

• T-Claps – Superfly graciously and likely unnecessarily provided me (Kryptonite) t-claps on the VQ.

• COT – “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” – Aristotle

o I have two framed quotes in my office and this quote by Aristotle is both inspirational and aspiration for meevery day.  I encourage the PAX to focus on habits of excellence in your daily lives to accelerate in their fitness, personal, and professional lives.

• I prayed us out with the beat down ending at 6:15.  

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