Tuesday, November 29 2022 | The Sanitarium | Papillion High School | 5:30 AM | 

35 Degrees, 19 mph wind gusts horrible degrees real feel

PAX (16): Boss Hog, Imac,, double dip, boiling point, dozer, g-string, Duracell, grillz, sister act, busser, rooney, squeaky clean (HPD), crank bait, KOA, Chernobyl

QIC: Jean-Claude


3mi standard.  QIC decided to run some hills by the track to warm up

Warm-a-rama: 10 SSH , 10 Tappy Taps

Pre Thang: Jog from the parking lot to the South side of the Building


The Thang:  TABATA to QIC’s favorite Christmas season songs.  23 seconds on, 7 second rest, 

Air Squats


Mountain Climbers

Bonnie Blairs

Makhtar Ndaiyes

Flutter Kicks 


Repeat 8 times


# Off/Name-o-rama/FNG/Announcements/PrayerRequests/COT/Buckle Presentation/Prayer:

Announcements – Toy shopping, appreciation for the PAX who have helped members persevere through challenging times

Prayer Requests –

COT – December always puts  a warm feeling in my heart; the coziness of bundling up on a cold winter morning is a great reminder of all the things I appreciate about this time of year-fellowship, giving, joy, and among the most important to me is CHEER.  I started the run over to the beatdown today with a rick-roll (Rick Astley’s timeless hit “never gonna give you up”).  My 6yo son has taken it upon himself to “rick roll” people by walking up and singing the song to them.  There’s so much cheer and delight in his face and eyes; I want to capture that and spread it, if even for just 1 month of the year.  One way we can do that is through allowing ourselves to be laughed at, and with.  My message is this; spread some cheer, be the punch  line of a joke, laugh at yourself.  It’s fun, and spreads that all-important emotion of CHEER.



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