The Rabbit Hole – December 4, 2022

Good weather for an early December morning

PAX (17): Vandelay, Cheap Seats, Armando, Old Spice, Tea Party, Long Neck, Chowda, Rancid, Tugboat, Blades of Glory, Frosty, Touché, Doppler, Bloodshot, Lansbury, Spreadsheets and Hei Hei

QIC – Hei Hei

Hei Hei greeted PAX w/all the pertinent info

Thing 1

Vandelay led us in some Bolt 45s (3 sets) to get the legs nice and warm.

Cheap Seats led Crowd Pleasers (to 5) to get the heat rate up.

Thing 2

3-man grinder; merkins at bottom of the hill, monkey humpers at top, one man running

The hill was not well-manicured, so the PAX had to proceed with caution… except for Armando, who had the #DBAP vibe going strong.


Brisketball! Thanks to Rabbit Hole for providing pennies and cones!

A well-fought match, but the West O guys brought a defensive intensity rarely seen on the pitch. Despite my attempts to declare “next point wins!” at the most opportune time, our team came up short. Nevertheless, I’m confident in staying good times we’re had by all.


Discuss Oracle being Original AO; Wait Time planted the flag w/25 Redwoods 4.5 years ago. In the preceding 45 years, F3 Omaha has grown to 51 AOs and has 1,670 PAX on its roster. This has been echoed in Vandelay’s and Cheap Seats’ leadership – I couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve heard that these two have been fundamental in getting someone out, or keeping them out, or into pre-running. When I think of the Oracle, I think about the impact a person can have.

We have a tendency to overestimate what we can get done on a random Saturday… I took Wednesday off and had what I considered a modest list of things to get done and maybe got to half. But we underestimate what we can accomplish over a number of years with some intentionality and focused effort. We underestimate the impact we can have, and that can keep us from getting in the game.

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