AO: Wild Kingdom

Weather: 24 degrees with wind at 18 mph

PAX (12)- Pain Killer, Lite Bright, Sweet Sweet, Sasquatch, Hard Hart, Lemu (respect), Paddles (respect, respect, Pebbles, Smurf Turf, Butta, Copperfields and Ketchup

Q- Dr. Thunder

Dr. Thunder showed up at 5:10 and set up with the help of Pain Killer.  

Dr. Thunder welcomed the PAX at 5:30 sharp, went over the 5 core principles and mission statement.  I think we all know looking at Dr. Thunder, he is not a trained professional and that exercises were merely a suggestion and to modify if necessary.  After that we moseyed down to the the parking lot with lights for warm-o-rama


Side Straddle Hops (15-IC)

Tappy Taps (10 IC)

Big Ones (10 IC)

Cherry Pickers (10 IC)

Seal Claps (10 IC)


The Pax partnered up and moseyed to the restroom building there.  Each group was to do 50 combined merkins, 100 combined Big Ones and 150 air squats.  We worked in increments of 25.  While one was doing the aforementioned exercises, the other either did wall sits, balls to the wall or chicken peckers or modified to whatever the heck they wanted to do on the wall

The Thang:

The PAX numbered off into groups of 4.  Station 1 was the push group.  Once pushed, the PAX were to run to the middle of the stations and Bernie to the next station.

Station 1:

7 Burpees and push group

Station 2- AMRAP

1. Merkins

2. Seal Claps

3. Werkins

4. Cherry Pickers

Station 3- AMRAP:

PAX were freed to lead their favorite exercise with encouragement on ones they were really good at.

Station 4- AMRAP:

1. Bobby Hurley’s

2. Sumo Squats

3. Monkey Humpers

4. Hydraulic Squats

Omaha was called at 6:05.  The PAX moseyed back to the shovel flags for Mary.


Dr. Thunder called on PAX to name the exercise

  1. 15 Gas Pumpers- Sasquatch
  2. 15 Windshield Wipers- One of the other 10 PAX that were in attendance.
  3. 15 Heel Touches- Ketchup
  4. 13 American Hammers Rancid Style


The point of station #3 where PAX were able to pick the exercises was to have them work on something positive in their lives.  I know this was a small thing, but we all need more positivity.  We are constantly surrounded by negativism.  We all have people in our lives whether it’s a family member, co-worker, friend or even ourselves that thrive on negativity. Sometimes I wonder in my life if there is anything that is going right for these people. It’s easy for that negativity to creep into our own lives.  Most of us are on social media and according to the world wide web (so it must be true), nearly 2/3’s of posts are negatively driven.  So when we are scrolling our phones, we are consumed with nearly 66% of negative thoughts or ideas.  Likewise for every negative comment we make, it takes 3-5 positive comments to erase the mental affects that one negative comment or thought causes.  This is especially important with our kids.  It is easy to tell our kids “you didn’t do a very good job cleaning your room” or something like that.  Now we have put doubt in their minds that they aren’t doing a good enough for us.  When in reality, they do many great things and we should celebrate the good that people do instead of focusing and verbalizing the negative.

I spoke about avoiding bucket dipping. This happens when someone makes a negative comment and then we pile on top of that.  I used Mufasa as an example because he wasn’t there and he gets picked on a lot already.  Ketchup could say something to the affect of “Man it bothers me when Mufasa talks so much during beat downs.”  Then Lemu may pipe in and say “Yea his jokes aren’t very good either.”  This is adding negativity to the conversation.  Where if Ketchup made his original comment, Lemu could have responded with “Mufasa is the nicest guy in F3” and added positivity to the conversations.

I also talked about shining a light on what is right.  Recognize the good things that people do.  Tell them that you recognize the good things they are doing.  I challenged the PAX to be more aware of their negative talk and focus more on being positive with their words and actions throughout the next couple of days and seeing if it makes a difference in their relationships.

Prayers and Announcements:

Prayer requests for Pit Stop’s M.  There weren’t many announcements due to the extreme winds

I appreciate the support of the PAX and the opportunity to lead this morning.  Thanks for the opportunity to lead Ketchup


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Wild Kingdom

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