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Q: Gunner

Saturday morning had a 13 degree temperature which brought a majority of the Pax out of their heated cars at 6:58am to hit that prompt 7am start time. There were some men that just finished up Oscar Mike and strolled right on through our intro of the F3 Mission Statement and Five Core Principles. There were no FNGs this morning but Bovine brought his brother-in-law, Tofu who was in-town from Minneapolis. As stated, it was cold so we ventured off on a String of Pearls beatdown through downtown.

The String of Pearl was a 2.02 mile run distance with a decent amount of stops for some good F3 fun.

We did Warmarama in the OPD pavilion.

Warmarama –

  • 3 Alarm Clocks
  • Motivators IC started at 4

We moseyed further and did a second set of warmarama on 16th street

15 Imperial Walkers

15 Mountain Climbers

15 Goofballs

15 Plank Jack

The Thang  was set up under the 16th viaduct.  There is a nice concrete slope in which we did a latter at 11.  We did 10 merkins to start and 20 step crab walk up the hill and 1 Low dolly at the slope.  We did the ladder thang until 7:22 and then we continued to mosey down to 15th St.

At the 15th St. stop we did Capt Thors up to the 16:4 count and we continued the mosey south to Marcy and east to 13th and the corner of Leavenworth.  We did some leg exercise and moseyed down to the 10th St. Stairs.

We did 3 sets of stair climbs at 10th & Leavenworth and continued down 10th St.  While running down 10th St. we stopped and the 4 traffic lights and we completed 3 Capt. Burpee Merkins.

We completed our 2.02 String of Pearls beatdown at 7:45.  Due to the great effort and awesome beatdown we did not perform Mary and moved straight to Prayers and announcements.

Announcements – Save the date for CSAUP and Beta spoke about Queen Service and the great effort the men are doing

Prayers – Black Jack offered prayers for his daughter and Sputnik offered prayers for their family pet.

COT – Spoke of the Peace on Earth and Goodwill towards men.  Christmas season does OK at reminding people of sharing good will towards each other, but we must really think and put forth effort of sharing good will and peace a year round. Daily COTs are a great reminder of doing the right thing when it comes to working on providing that goodwill and remembering that I am Third.

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