Backblast – The Battlefield 12/1/2022

 34 HIM faced their fears at the @f3battlefield

5:00 AM

Prior to the Beat down the PAX did a pre run

5:30 AM

It was a cold start to the month of December at 24 degrees with a windchill of 10 degrees at Westside High School.  Tom Tom welcomed OMAHA PAX to the Battlefield and delivered 5 core principles, F3 Mission Statement, Credo, and Disclaimer.  All exercises are a recommendation, modify as necessary – the real possibility of injury.

The PAX jogged down to the parking lot next to the baseball field for Warm a Rama.

Warm A Rama

15 Side Straddle Hops IC

10 Sun gods (Forward)

10 Sun gods (Reverse)

10 Tappie Taps

Then to the PAX dismay ran over to the William Street hill…

Pre Thang

Everyone partnered up for some fun with running hills.  One partner ran to the top of the William Street hill and then did 15 merkins while the other partner held a plank at the bottom of the hill.  Each partner went twice.

After the hills the PAX jogged over to the 2022 State Champs football field for the Thang

The Thang

Everyone lined up in the endzone and counted off into groups of 3.  One guy stayed in that endzone and did alternating squats, hydraulic squats, jump squats, etc AMRAP.  One guy went to the other endzone and did alternating merkins, ranger merkins, shoulder taps, etc AMRAP.  The third member of the group started by doing a bear crawl 25 yards and then ran 75 yards to push the guy in the other endzone.


At 6:02 Tom Tom called Omaha

We gathered at the 50 yard line for American Hammers. There were no flag passed during this VQ and there were no FNGs.  Then we went into the Name O Rama.  Tom Tom asked for announcements and prayers.  Then Tom Tom delivered his COT discussing facing your fears.  Lastly Samples prayed us out.

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