2 December 2022 / AO The Armory / 36 Degrees & Windy
Q: Lemu

12 PAX: Old Spice, Chowda, Cradle, Smelly Cat, Tea Party, Back Country, Bogey, Muffs, T-Swift, Slow Clap, Home Alone, Yodel
Lemu welcomed everyone to the Armory, went through the 5 core principles, the mission statement, credo, saw we had no FNGs, then reminded everyone that he is not a professional, and to modify as necessary.

We then circled up for W-A-R

20 SSH
10 Tappy Taps
10 Cherry Pickers

10 Sun Gods – Forward

Pre Thang: 

Since Lemu hates to run, he said for the pre-thang, we were going for a mosey. We went on a 1K mosey, then stopped at the parking lot of the baseball field for the Thang.

The Thang:
We broke into 4 groups, with one push station, and staying with your group the whole time.

Station 1: AMRAP till pushed

• Air Squats

• Monkey Humpers 

• Sumo Squats 

• Bobby Hurleys

Station 2: AMRAP till pushed

• Merkins

• Carolina Dry Docks

• Werkins

• Shoulder Taps

Station 3: AMRAP till pushed

• LBCs 

• Chillicutt Plank 

• Big Boys

• Low Dollys

Station 4: Push Station

• 10 – Yodel-jacks


We moseyed back to the Shovel Flag

Finished with American Hammers Rancid Style

Announcements: VQ for Home Alone at Redwing on Monday, Tea Party on the Q at Dragon’s Lair tomorrow, and then come watch the USA-Netherlands match afterwards at Good Life in Gretna, Oscar Mike at The Canyon tomorrow, First Friday Lunch at Oscars at 11:30 today, lots of 2nd & 3rd F opportunities right now, please check Slack for more details.  

Prayer Requests: Pit Stop’s M, Lindsay who is battling brain stem cancer, Urkel & Wilson’s father who is in hospice, Tea Party’s friend Cliff, whose funeral is today. 

COT: Lemu shared with the PAX that we are always encouraging the men in our lives, and we should do the same for the women in our lives. He has 3 daughters, 2 grand-daughters, and another grand-daughter on the way. With boys, if they get hurt, we tell them to rub some dirt on it, and stop crying. With girls, we tend to coddle and over protect girls during their childhood.

Because of this mindset, we are not helping the girls, as we do not encourage them to take risks, like we do boys. Later on in life, men will take a chance applying for work, even if they are only somewhat qualified. On the other hand, women will usually not apply for a position, unless they are 95% qualified, because we shelter them from risk early in their lives, which makes most feel they have to be a perfect fit. So, encourage the women in your life, whether it is your daughter, M, sister or co-worker, to take chances and chase their dreams. Women do not have to be a perfect fit to pursue success.

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