Mount Olympus 11/30/2022 Boss Hog VQ “Feel the Power of Love”

Wednesday-November 30th, 2022

0515 hours

Weather: Clear, 18 degrees with feels like of 6 degrees, WNW wind of 11mph

PAX (28): KOA, Sweet Roll, G-String, ICB, Fun Dip, Woodhead, Skidz, Double Dip, Schrute, Kickstand, Busser, Milo, Duracell, Dozer, Mr. Hanky, Feeny, Bobsled, Farva, Huffy, Uncle Jesse, Amadeus, Chernobyl, Ditty, Invictus, Crankbait, Razzle Dazzle, Supe, Boss Hog


FNGs: None


V-QIC: Boss Hog


Pre-Runners (10): Farva, Fun Dip, Invictus, G-String, Schrute, Boss Hog, Busser, Kickstand, Duracell, Razzle Dazzle


Pre-Ruckers (3): Amadeus, Bobsled, ICB


Pull-ups and Stuff (2): Chernobyl, Double Dip


Welcome and start with the F3 Missions Statement – The mission statement of F3 is to plant, grow and serve small workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership

5 core principles

1. Free of Charge

2. Open to all men

3. Always held outside

4. Led in a rotating fashion

5. Ends in a circle of trust

Credo – leave no man behind but leave no man where you left him.

Disclaimer – I am not a professional so please modify as necessary 

0515 I welcomed the PAX and listed the mission statement, five core principles, and credo. Provided the disclaimer that I am not a professional and for everyone to modify as necessary. 




15 SSHs-IC

10 Big Ones-IC

15 Tappy Taps-IC

10 Sungods-IC, reversed and did 10 more in reverse IC




Songkiller to Huey Lewis and News’ “Power of Love.”

The PAX did a variation of SSH, coupon step-ups and cherry pickers throughout the song. Every time the phrase “power of love” was sang; the PAX completed a Blockee.


The Thang


Four stations. The first station served as the push station. PAX completed murder bunnies for 10 yards, then did 5 coupon clean-overhead presses. Murder bunnied back 10 yards and completed 5 more coupon-overhead presses before pushing to the next station while carrying coupons.


The remaining three stations had an identical list of exercises to perform. The list consisted of 21 exercises consisting of lower body, upper body, back and core work. As one group was pushed to the next station, they were to pickup on the list where they left off. Once the list was completed, rinse and repeat, and/or they were freed to lead by adding additional exercises not listed.


OMAHA was called 0550 hours




Announcements and Prayers: 

-Chernobyl reminded the PAX of the canned food drive through the end of the month. He was doing 10 pull-ups per can donated and to finish the food drive strong. Also, shopping events for the toy drive will be posted (12/03 0800-1200 and 12/06 1730-1930).

-Busser VQ at the Farm on Friday, December 2nd

-Ditty mentioned that he had recently been having a bad day, but that an old friend had coincidentally reached out to him on that day as he had learned that Ditty was in F3 and this friend had recently started at F3 as well. Talked about how the cool the F3 connection can be and made Ditty’s day

-Kickstand asked for prayers for the Young family and for his mother-in-law




I shared that as I was preparing for my first COT that the themes of encouragement, support and love kept coming to mind. I shared a little about my experience with F3 thus far. I spoke of how discouraging some of the first workouts were as I struggled to get through them due to being out of shape. The encouragement and support from men that I had never met during these difficult moments are what kept me coming back in the early days. The bonds and friendships that I’ve formed over three months of posting is what keeps me coming back now. I spoke about how one of the greatest things about F3 is that it creates an environment that is conducive for support and encouragement which, at least for me, creates a positive attitude and mindset. However, when we leave the AO’s, the world can be more challenging, and it can become difficult to maintain a supportive mindset. I challenged the PAX to carry the positive mindset that they had that morning out into the world as they navigate the obstacles of the day. 

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