November 30, 2022 

5:30 AM

The Dune

Weather: cold 17 degrees wind chill like 4 degrees. 

10 PAX members:  Barndoor, Cheap Seat, Crab Cakes, mufasa, Bob Ross, Unicycle, Coach K, Grease Fire, Vlasic (respec) 

Q:   Blades of Glory

Pre-Runners: Unicycle, Barndoor, fast fast like 7:30, then Cheap seats…

5:30:15  The f3 Intro

Warma Rama:

20 Side straddle hops

20 Merkins

20 side straddle hops

2 laps around the Track 


Was planning to start up the TABATA workout plan that I had already 2 days prior but have the free version of the app so it went away..

Unicycle said another lap… Off the Pax went I figured out my back up plan on the spot.  Thankfully I took a screenshot of the work out (see below and just modified without the timer.  

During this time we listened to some music.  During the month of November our shield lock did a Gratitude each day of the list and shared our answers.  One of the days questions of gratitude  was “name 3 songs that bring you Joy”  So I created a playlist of the Shield Locks top 3 songs.  Mufas did not participate in this and asked him Tuesday (29) what 3 songs bring him joy 2 different times by text but he didn’t respond so I took the privilege of adding 3 songs that described him.  (Cornhuske) Killigans, The nicest Kids in town, Hairspray, and another on which will not be recorded.

Lots of good mumble chatter during this time and some exercises were harder than others but the goal was to keep moving, guessing whose favorite song was on the playlist, and continued mumble chatter.  


Other short Thang

Moved to the side line of the football field.

Bear Crawl to other sideline


30 air squats. 

Lunge all the way to other side.  

Went to the track wall and did some wall sits.  30 count then 1 leg up 10 count both sides.  We were going to go into a B2W but with the ice we modified and moved to a non ice location.

Ball 2 Wall 30 count

15 Chic peckers IC

15 Donkey Kicks

30 second Sit up wall touch



30 Frozen Freddies

10 each side Yoga one leg up then leg into spiderman out then back up IC.



3rd F opportunity check with Cheap seats.

1st friday lunch at Oscars,

D3 (nov 30) @ DJ dugout

VQ next week Bob Ross (bring a coupon)


Pit Stop

COT:  Letting people be wrong about you or a situation while keeping your peace and focus is the most misunderstood power move you will ever make.  

Learning to trust myself and love myself excitedly to be surrounded by F3 Omaha..

Asked for prayer for wisdom about meetings today and upcoming decision in December.   



Blades of Glory

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The Dune

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