Fear vs Fierce

27o (real feel 17o) 16 mph wind N/NW

25 PAX: Armando, Griswold (you serious Clark?), Blades of Glory (ting!), Wait Time (RESPECT), Roadhouse (OG’s & Wannabe’s WINNER), Barn Door, Beaver, Gator (chomp), Hei Hei, Ozark (RESPECT), Boji, Fine Print (no respect), Smelly Cat, Cheap Seats, Kryptonite, Long Neck, Lincoln Logs (RESPECT RESPECT), Vlasic (RESPECT), Chowda, Big Unit, Da Fridge, Steeple, Jump Street, Tea Party, Slick

As some of you may know, we have a 4 week old baby living in our bedroom at the Slick house. It wasn’t odd to me that I’d have a weird dream about Qing the night before since I’m thrust into deep dreamscapes every 2-3 hours overnight and then abruptly lifted by sounds of our newborns rousing’s. I stumble around in disarray has my newly 37 year old body is hit by tight Achilles and a freshly tweaked back. As I walk to the nursery with our infant, my wife describes lovingly as “watching old man Ozzy Osborne walk away from me with our baby.”

In my dream, I was in the middle of Qing at the Whetstone when I ran back to the shovel flags alone and upon returning to the hill we would work out on, the PAX had simply laid down and fallen asleep waiting for me to come back, out of boredom.

Needless to say, I’d make sure that wasn’t the case as I woke for the day and headed to the Whetstone for the first time. Tee Ball and I had agreed to swap this Tuesday to give us a different Tuesday perspective from our home positions.

Over the last year, I’ve noticed my Qing directive evolve. Typically, I find myself trying to design a workout that allows for 2 aspects:

  1. Maximize the difficulty of the workout while allowing all PAX to participate
  2. Maximize the amount of time the group can mumble-chatter during the workout

Personally, I’ve noticed my favorite workouts included minimal counting to maximize reps + chatter.

The last piece of my workout would come upon my arrival at The Whetstone, which hill to choose for the Thang.

I was welcomed by a couple groups of Pre-runners and noticed immediately the strength and temperature of the wind: strong and cold.

After a few attempts to get the Trident flag in the ground and stay there, 5:15 rolled around. Hat tip to Blades for a continued reminder that start time was 5:15 and not 5:30 throughout the last week.

Slick welcomed the PAX as a few cars were still pulling into the parking lot. Explanation of the mission of F3, the core principles, and that Slick is NOT a professional so please modify as necessary. No FNGs (although I forgot to ask).

A quick nod to the COT to come and that PAX should think about the difference between Fear and Fierce as we went about our morning.

We moseyed to the basketball court (the best in Omaha I was told).  for the WOR & Pre Thang Part 1.


  • Big Ones IC
  • Down dog position and focus on calf/Achilles/hamstring stretching
  • Right leg lunge à forward and backward side reach
  • Left leg lunge à forward and backward side reach
  • Imperial Walkers IC
  • 20 SSH IC

Pre Thang Part 1:

  • PAX to grab a partner and do a mini grinder on the basketball court
    • Partner 1: Burpees AMRAP
    • Partner 2: run down to baseline and back-peddle back
    • Switch – R&R

Pre Thang Part 2:

  • Slick audibled to cut Part 1 short and move to the track where we would complete walking lunges 100 yards and back. Plenty of mumble chatter ensued.

The Thang:

  • PAX short moseyed over to the the hill at the driveway entrance SW side of the school. Tough grade but scalable. PAX were urged to partner up how they pleased with either the same or different partner as before.
    • Partner 1: Would be at the bottom of the hill alternating between Burpees & Sumo Squats each round.
    • Partner 2: Would be scaling the hill up to the light pole alternating between Bernie Sanders & lunges to go up and then run down. PAX would switch upon return.
    • R&R until Omaha! was called.

Post Thang:

  • PAX moseyed back to the shovel flags and semi-circled around. Slick explained the Post-Thang.
    • We’d go around the circle switching with her man between 10 Merkins & 5 Shoulder Taps IC.
    • After 1 rep Q realized modification of 5 Merkins & 5 Should Taps IC would be a better option.
  • A great push to the end 125 Merkins & 125 Shoulder-Taps IC while in plank.


  • We quickly transitioned to American Hammers IC (Rancid style) to get our count for the day.


  • Slick explained why selfie-NOR at Trident and completed with the Whetstone PAX

Announcements/Prayer Requests:

  • Pay attention to VQs this week: Snowman, Urkel, Boss Hog, Longneck, Tom Tom, Busser
  • Contact Cheap Seats for 3rd F opportunities, especially WestO
  • Wait Time job interview
  • Roadhouse stand-up comedy at the Funny Bone!
    • Dude absolutely crushed it! I want another 30 minutes please.
  • Boji’s mom surgery


I asked the PAX to think about what the difference between fear and fierce is at the beginning of the workout.

I have been fortunate to connect with my 10-year-old nephew and gifted him with the book The Alchemist and invited him over to discuss the book along the way.

When he arrived we sat and listened to a short meditation as we look to be intentional about the space we were creating. I had felt nervous and distracted for the entire 3 minutes. Something that is not ordinary for me in these settings and I shared that with him. His response was perfect, with the authentic observation of the moment. He responded, “yea, it’s pretty interesting how excitement and nervous feel like they originate from the same place!” Amazing.

I found myself mediating on this thought he shared with me later last week. I’ve been encouraging my 2-year-old, Remy to be fierce! Now he doesn’t really understand this word fully yet but we talk about purring like a lion and tapping into that primal tenacity. I remind him to be balanced and kind but that you can still be unapologetic and fierce in the world.

I asked the PAX to close their eyes and think of something in their life that elicits fear currently. I want them to tap into an ancient, primal warrior energy that’s been around in our consciousness for thousands of years and to transmute fear into a poised fierceness. To think of the warrior in the field staring down death and knowing the only way through is in. Feel that tingle in your body as you think of harnessing that fierce courageous energy.

Let’s go out into the world and choose to be fierce when fear sbhows itself, there are plenty of moments every day. Flip the switch and be the warrior. Be primal. Remember who you are.

Slick led the PAX out in prayer.

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