V-QIC: Urkle

PAX (15): Smelly Cat, Golden Pond, Bayside, Eddie Winslow, Long Neck, Kickstand, Ketchup, Hard Hat, 12 Gauge, Al Borland, Baby Shoes, Tea Party, Lite Brite, Fine Print

Pre-Runners (2): Longneck, Tea Party

5:30 YHC welcomed the PAX and listed the 5 core principles, mission statement, & credo. Provided the disclaimer that YHC is not a professional and for everyone to modify as necessary. We then moseyed to the south end of the field for Warm-a-Rama.

Modified Motivators counting down from 5 (YHC screwed up the count, did them in cadence, and forgot the feet together jumps)
5 Big Ones (IC)
5 Tappy Taps (IC)

Welsh Dragons counting up to 10 (Bear Crawl 4 steps, merkin, plank jack, alt. shoulder tap, repeat and add a rep)
10 Michael Phelps (IC) to loosen those shoulders back up.

The Thang: 4 Station Grinder
Station 1: run a lap on the track.
Station 2: AMRAP until pushed:

  • Round 1: Carolina Dry Docks
  • Round 2: Chuck Norris Merkins
  • Round 3: Mountain Climbers
  • Round 4: Alternating Shoulder Taps

Station 3: AMRAP until pushed:

  • Round 1: Monkey Humpers
  • Round 2: Bobby Hurleys
  • Round 3: Dan Taylor (1:4 ratio squats:lunges)
  • Round 4: Copperhead Squats

Station 4: AMRAP until pushed:

  • Round 1: Freddy Mercury’s
  • Round 2: LBCs
  • Round 3: Heels to Heaven
  • Round 4: Gas Pumpers

We got through 2 rounds before Omaha was called at 6:05. Moseyed back to Shovel Flags for a round of American Hammers Rancid Style (15).

Announcements: Long Neck VQ at the Maize tomorrow. First Friday Lunch at Oscar’s. Ugly Sweater contest at Wild Kingdom. Dec. 23 – coffee convergence after Fancy Feast and Block Party.

Prayers: Sparty’s buddy Will, Pit Stop and his M, Lindsay, YHC and his family (peace about dad being moved to hospice house).

COT: Everyone is familiar with Superman and his alter ego the mild mannered Clark Kent. Clark Kent is just an average guy punching the clock, not a bad guy, just nothing special. It is too easy for us as men to show up as superman in our work but at home and in our community to be Clark Kent. Not bad, but not engaged and not always present mentally and emotionally. I encouraged the PAX to be Superman at work and then go home, clock in and be superman at home. I gave the example of my older brother Caleb who was the best in his work as a Navy SEAL and when he came home or went out into his community he was equally present, engaged, and focused on making an impact on those around him.

Took the PAX out in a Ball of Man


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