Pax: Rancid, Bloodshot, Touche, Caruso, Snowman, Sandy Cheeks, Stitches, Grease Fire, Good Lookin’, Doll Face, Animal, Beeps, Biff, Frosty, Polaroid, Rocket

Q: Spreadsheet

YHC arrived at the shovel flags a little early to get everything set up and watched a group of Clydesdales take off for a pre-run. As the PAX started arriving YHC started counting to see if we’d have the right numbers to allow the workout to work as planned. Once there were 15 PAX YHC knew it would work and 2 more lucky HIM showed up as well.  YHC welcomed the PAX to F3, reviewed 5 core principles, creedo and disclaimer.  With that we moseyed to the parking garage to the East.

Warm O’ Rama:  15 SSH, 10 Suns Gods forwards and backwards, 15 big ones.

The Thang:  Parking Lot Grinder
The PAX numbered off 1 through 5 to make five groups.  The first 4 groups were assigned a floor of the parking garage with the 5th group starting as the push group.  Exercises were performed as below at each floor until pushed:

Floor 1:

30 SSH (IC)

30 Mountain Climbers (IC)

30 Jump Squats

Floor 2:

30 Frozen Freddies (IC)

30 LBC’s (IC)

30 Box cutters (IC)

Floor 3:

30 Cherry Pickers (IC)

30 Carolina Dry Docks (IC)

30 Merkins

Floor 4:

30 Sumo Squats (IC)

30 Squats

30 Monkey Humpers (IC)

Once OMAHA was called the PAX returned to the flags and performed Rancid Hammers.

COT:  This is a week about being grateful and upon some self reflection as of late I’ve done a poor job of that.  I got COVID, I hurt my ankle, and honestly was feeding into my sad clown.  This feeding into my sad clown was directly related to my lack of posting over that time period.  I need to get back into a solid routine of posting because that is what keeps the sad clown at bay and ultimately helps me see all the reasons I have to be grateful.  If you’ve found yourself in a rut as of late, take this week as an opportunity to get back on center and recognize all you have to be grateful for.  If you’re in a good spot, take it as an opportunity to show even more gratefulness to those around you. Happy thanksgiving to everyone and have a safe rest of your week.

Aye- Spreadsheet

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