November 29, 2022//Stinson Park//AO-Cornhusker Handicap

Pax: Rancid, Bloodshot, Touché, Caruso (RR), Sandy Cheeks, Grease Fire, Good Lookin’, Doll Face (R), Animal (R), Beeps, Frosty (R), Polaroid, Rocket, Irish Car Bomb, Blackjack, Samples (R), Buns of Steel, Tater Tot, Slow Pitch, Q-Tip (RR), Beta Max, Othello, Spreadsheet, Lansbury, Milo, Bobsled, Amadeus, Bovine, Stapler, Patton (R)

Q: Snowman

Initially, I planned to utilize the field from end-to-end with stations periodically scattered throughout. Upon arriving, I noticed that a fence was placed around the tower and that meant we would not have a wall to conduct our station one exercises. I decided to move the beatdown to the parking garage and make each floor a station. I was blessed and thankful to see so many PAX show up for my VQ.

Warm O’ Rama:  (20x) SSH (IC), (14x) Big Ones (IC), (20x) Imperial Walkers (IC).

We moseyed over to the Southeast parking garage to begin the beatdown

The Thang:  Parking Garage Beatdown
Exercises were performed as a group for two total rounds (First round reps on the left/second round reps on the right):

First Deck:

(30/15) Chicken Peckers

(30/20) Cherry Pickers (IC)

(30/20) Sun Gods: half forward and half backwards (IC)

Second Deck:

(30/20) Carolina Dry Docks

(20/15) Merkins

Third Deck:

(20/20) Copperhead Squats (IC)

(30/20) Monkey Humpers (IC)

Fourth Deck:

(20/15) Box Cutters (IC)

(20/20) Frozen Freddies

(20/20) Cindy Crawfords: half each side (IC)

Once OMAHA was called the PAX returned to the flags and performed (31x) Rancid Hammers.

COT:  The COT was centered around controlling our own minds and how we can only control what happens within our own minds. All external things are out of our control, but the power to control our mind lies within each of us. I provided references of Marcus Aurelius, Andy Frisella, and David Goggins and how each of them views this concept, and how we can all apply those teachings to our own lives. Everyone has a unique backstory that only they truly know when they had/have control of their own mind and when they do not. Reducing the amount of times we submit external things that are out of our control was the primary takeaway. As the weather continues to turn for the worse, we have plenty of internal mental battles to fight in the coming months. Pressing on and doing what we know is best for us, not what is easy, was how I tied the whole message together.  

Aye- Snowman

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