The Steel Mill 11/24/22, 5:30 AM, 42 Degrees “Strength In Numbers”

PAX: 11 Total: Double Dip, Bobsled, Rooney, Crankbait, Irish Car Bomb, Milo, Trigger (FNG), Styx, Dozer, Ditty

QIC: Duracell

Warmarma: 10 side straddle hops, 15 sun gods, 15 reverse sun gods, 10 tappy taps, 20 High Knees in Cadence, 15 slap back jacks (start in squat, jump as you clap your hands behind your back. Grab 1 dumbbel: 10 big ones, 10 alternating side lunges + row, 10 squat + curl+shoulder press + tricep extension combos.

The Thang: We did “rounds” consisting of 40 seconds each of 3 dumbbell exercises, followed by 40 seconds which combined the 3 exercises into one continuous High Intensity Interval Training Exercise. At the end of each round, we rested with 40 seconds of core. Each round was repeated twice. Each exercise was performed with 2 dumbbells.

Round 1: Weighted shoulder taps, squat while curling, thrusters, then put the 3 together.  Core recovery: on our 6, one weight below feet, swing feet side to side over weight. 

Round 2: Dead Lift + High Row, Swingsquat Clean (starting in a squat, swing weights forward to shoulders in a clean position), Double Pump Rainbow Press (both weights at one shoulder, lift up once, bring down & lift in an arc to the opposite shoulder, repeat), then put the 3 together.  Core recovery: on our 6, one weight below feet, push feet forward & outward on either side of weight.

Round 3: Low Row (start in squat with weights out front, push weights backwards & together behind legs), squats with dumbbells at shoulders, Arnold Press, then put the 3 together.  Core recovery: on our 6, one weight below feet & push feet forward 3 directions: side, middle, opposite side. 

Core Competition: We placed a dumbbell over our feet & held a boat pose with our feet over the weight – the PAX holding their feet about the weight longest wins.  Rooney wins the crown with 1:25 of boat hold. 

Bonus Round: We had time for an extra move: Plank to Squat.  Holding dumbbells, we started in plank, then hopped up to squat while holding the weights.  We went back & forth from plank to squat on the Q’s call, holding plank & then squat for various intervals for a painful finish. 

Weighted Core: We formed a circle arms length from each other & passed one weight around the circle while holding plank. As each PAX held the weight, we stated 1 thing we were thankful for.

COT: With it being Thanksgiving, the COT was based on being Thankful for the “Strength in Numbers” provided by F3.  PAX in F3 don’t have to do anything alone & we went through Strength in Numbers examples of all 3 F’s.  1st F: Whether you want to lose weight, pre-run, pre-murph, etc.  An accountability partner is simply one message away.  2nd F: The Q personally only had 1 real, in-person friend prior to F3 (Animal House, who also introduced him to F3,) now that list would exceed 100.  3rd F: The power of Strength in Numbers is evident: We do a blood drive every 8 weeks & typically have 32 units donated each time.  If one man donated every time it’s allowed, it would take him about 5 years to donate the same 32 units we donate every 8 weeks. We also brought canned food today for Thanksgiving & have had numerous fund raisers throughout the year.  One man alone cannot make the impact that we bring as a group. 


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The Steel Mill

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