November 25, 2022//Stinson Park//AO-The Brickyard//A chill in the air

Pax: Bobsled, Caruso, Woody, Vanilla Ice, Touche’, Stella, Bloodshot, Betamax, Snowman

Q: Frosty

Frosty welcomed the PAX.  I’ve been to The Brickyard one other time – the launch!  YHC welcomed the PAX to F3, reviewed 5 core principles, creedo and disclaimer.  With that we moseyed onto the field for warm-o-rama.  

Warm O’ Rama:  15 SSH, 15 Tappy-Taps, 10 Big Ones, 10 Windmills and a half lap around Stinson

The Thang:  “Slow It Down”
Everyone knows there are 4 main muscle groups:  Glamour, Legs, Bore and Core (not a professional).  Today we are going to work all four. 

We will be doing Supersets.  Each superset contains one exercise from each group.  We will be doing 20 of each exercise PER SET – 10 slow and 10 at normal speed.  The supersets were as follows:

Superset 1 (we went through these twice)
Curls (10 slow and 10 regular)
Goblet Squats (10 slow and 10 regular)
Dead Lift (10 slow and 10 regular)
Big Boys (with coupon for one minute)

After 2 times through we took a lap around Stinson to warm up, then back to playground for Superset 2

Superset 2 (x2)
Military Press (10 slow and 10 regular)
Coupon Swings x 20
Bent over row (10 slow and 10 regular)
Flutter Kicks (with coupon for one minute)

After 2x through, we took another lap

Superset 3 (x2)
Chest Press (10 slow and 10 regular)
Backward Lunges (20 each leg)

Superset 2 was a little rushed and then Omaha was called

COT:  I had an amazing experience Thanksgiving morning at the Thankful Trot, Doppler’s beatdown at Future and at coffee.  It was one of those days that just really fill your tank.  My favorite part was the COT where Doppler asked everyone to share something they were grateful for about the person next to them.  The exercise quickly grew to speaking about the people to your left and to your right.  The very cool thing was that everyone leaned in to the exercise.  Nobody made fun of it or used defense mechanisms to mask the intimacy or vulnerability.  It was incredible.  Good Vibes. 

Do you want to be a Good Vibes donor or a Good Vibes vampire.  When I participated in Doppler’s COT without reservation, I was a donor.  When I complained about his stupid beatdown of all burpees – vampire.  Which do you think other people appreciate having around?

Aye- Frosty

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