Fancy Feast | November 25th, 2022 | 32° and clear skies

PAX:  Z-bo, T-ball, Scoober, Wentworth, Low Flow, Lincoln Logs ( Respect, Respect ), Mufasa, Bluto (DR), Urkel, Farva, Supafly, Doppler, Lite Brite, Griswold

QIC: Griswold

Introduced myself, mission statement, 5 core principles, credo & disclaimer.  Also welcomed Bluto from F3 Kansas City.  Turns out, I went to HS with him and was good friends with his younger brother growing up.

6:03AM – We mosey’d East towards the tennis courts for WoR

WoR – 15 SSH, 10 Big ones, 10 Cherry pickers, 10 sun gods F&R

Mosey’d south to the front of the school where the benches reside for some Derkins, Dips and Merkins. We did 3 sets of these without rest, 10 reps each.

Mosey’d next to the west for the traditional fancy feast exercise.  Bernie sanders up the hill, 20 monkey humpers at the top, cheeks to the streets boys.

Mosey’d North around the fields to the only open gate on the turf field for a snake warmup.  All pax on outside of south goalline.  One pax starts then half way down next one starts and so on.  PAX runs to other sideline, shuffles 10 yds, then backpedals to other sideline, then shuffles 10yds, then runs forwards again.  We did this for the entire length of the football field.

Next we lined up on North goalline. Bear crawled 25yds, lunge walked 15yds, duck walked 10 yds then sprinted 50yds.  On south goalline we did something similar coming back.  Broad jumped 25yds, lunge walked 15yds, inch wormed 10yds then sprinted 50yds.  Did 2 rounds of this then mosey’d to SW corner for more Bernie Sanders up the hill.  Then 20 dips, then 20sec wall sit.  2 rounds of that and we circled up at the 50 for some Broga!

P&A – Prayers for pitstop and Lindsay, Pit Co-Q, 2nd F at Oscars, VQ for Urkel and upcoming impact retreat.

CoT:  Thanksgiving was Thursday and while we all really thinking about what were thankful for, lets just not do that on one day of the year.  Lets do that more often, especially when you see or hear the people around you doing meaningful things. 

I prayed us out.

Humbly, Griswold

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