28 November 2022 / AO Coronado / 28 Degrees
22 PAX: Patton (RESPECT), Da Fridge, Woody (RESPECT), Predator, Snowman, Carusso ( RESPECT X2), Chowda, Desktop, Totem, Baskin (RESPECT), Canadian Bacon (RESPECT X2), Ozark (RESPECT), Boji, BIG unit, Mulligan (RESPECT), Hoser, Longneck, Steeple, the Plague, Painkiller, Dr Thunder, Bogey, 

Co-Q: Bobsled, Lemu (RESPECT)


Lemu and I welcomed everyone to Coronado, went through the 5 core principles, the mission statement, credo, saw we had no FNGs, then reminded people that we are not professionals, and that part of the philosophy at Coronado is to be bruiser friendly and modify as necessary.

Warm-O-Rama: (concrete)
15 SSH

10 Cherry Pickers

10 Tappy Taps

Pre Thang: (grass infield)

Crawls (5 yds forward; 5 yds reverse)

• Bear crawl, reverse bear crawl

• Tabletop crawl, reverse tabletop crawl

• Crab crawl, reverse crab crawl

• Gorilla crawl, reverse gorilla crawl

• Inchworm, reverse inchworm

• Spiderman crawl, reverse Spiderman crawl

• Plank walk, reverse plank walk

• Circle crawl (2x clockwise, 2x counter)

The Thang:
We broke into 8 groups of 3 man coupon buddy grinder as follows


• Alternating sumo shoulder cleans

• Sumo deadlift

• Alternating coupon merkins (L,R & C)

• Goblet squats

• Floor wipers

• Sumo clean & press

• Skull crushers

• Burpees/Blockees

• Single arm chest press

• Sumo snatch

BODYWEIGHT AMRAP group positioned along school building freestyling it.  I saw air squats, wall sits, chicken peckers, donkey kicks, merkins, inverted merkins, wall mountain climbers, planks.

PUSH GROUP Bernie Sanders uphill and/or downhill between COUPON AMRAP and BODYWEIGHT AMRAP group


Back to the concrete for some American Hammers Rancid Style!

Announcements/Prayer Requests:

• Lots of VQs this week. Go support and check them out. See week of 11/27 Q schedule ( I couldn’t type fast enough)

• Mulligan – prayers for son Xavier

• Mulligan – coworker Tim (heart issues)

• Woody – prayers for in-law Sue

Something Fudd said a few weeks back at Coronado about the full armour of God really resonated with me. I asked for the same protection for all the verbal and non verbal prayer requests. I showed gratitude for the HIM placed in my environment and expressed my gratitude for the day and the comradery.


Gathered the HIM and discussed the most important thing I can do for myself personally. The way my brain is wired and my personality I have to be mindful and deliberate about placingmyself in the right environment with the right people.  It’s a very slippery slope for me. Also gave a few non obvious examples of the impact environment has. Let’s specifically be cognizant and aware of the environment we put our 2.0s in. In summary, whether it’s good or bad, moral or immoral, stay with it long enough and it’s gonna rub off on you.

Bobsled Out

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