The Octagaon

Date: November 28, 2022

PAX (17): Wentworth, Stripes, Honeymaid, Tuner, Spacebar, Smashmouth, Betamax, Schrute, Sweetroll, Golden Pike, Honeystinger, Rollbar, Low Flow, Eddison, Slow Pitch, Larry Legend,

FNGs : None

AO: The Octagon

Q: Farva (Beans)

Conditions: Clear, 27 degrees F, Feels like 18 degrees F, Humidity 76%, Wind 7.9 mph from S.

At 5:30, YHC welcomed the PAX to The Octagon and recited the 5 core principles, mission statement, credo, and disclaimer.

Disclaimer: I am not a professional, modify as necessary. The exercises are simply a suggestion. 

Warm-O-Rama: The PAX moseyed to the open portion of the east parking lot to await the arrival of several Smurphers.

17 SSH (IC)

17 Cherry Pickers (IC)

15 Imperial Walkers (IC)

Pre-Thang: The PAX moseyed to the hill on the east side of the AO and partnered up. One partner would Bernie Sanders up the hill and then perform 7 Durkins (or as BetaMax would point out..Handstand pushups) with their feet on the chain link fence. The partner would then run down the hill and switch positions with their partner. The partner on the bottom of the hill would hold a plank with an alternating leg raise if they desired.


Simple but effective workout with constant movement. The PAX would maintain the same partner and would alternate between running around the track and performing exercises on a list. After each lap, the partners would switch between running and exercises. This would be done until OMAHA was called. The exercises were 12 reps and the list would be repeated if completed.

The exercises were as follows:

-12 Merkins

-12 Heels to Heaven (IC)

-12 Burpees

-12 Frozen Freedys (IC)

-12 Bobby Hurleys

-12 Flutter Kicks (IC)

-12 Chuck Norris Merkins

-12 Low Dollys

-12 Mount Groiners (6 Mt. Climbers(IC)/6 Groiners)

-12 Johnny Squats (Deep squat with a calf raise at the top)

-12 Carolina Dry Docks

-12 LBCs (IC)

-12 Jump Tucks

The group completed one final lap together to hit the magical 2 mile mark.


30 Farva beans were completed on the soft cold grass on the football field. (15 IC in each direction)

18 Sarpy Slammers at the flags

Prayers and Announcements

Prayer request for Stripes father Dale.

Prayers for Golden Pike’s Grandmother Lee.

Prayers for Pitstop and his M Lindsey.

Lots of VQs this week.

Final week collecting food for the Tri-city food bank.  


Leading by Living. This statement has been on my mind for a couple weeks. I was contacted a couple weeks ago by two separate people who I had lost contact with over 20 years ago, but for some reason were following me on Twitter. They had seen all the crazy things that I posted about with F3 and decided to research F3 on their own. They decided to try F3 (one in St Louis and one in Kansas City) and have grown to love it. They both felt the need to DM me and thank me for helping them “find their tribe.” While I didn’t officially get credit for the EH, I am claiming those two. We never know who is watching us, living the life of a HIM (High Impact Man) can inspire others whether we know it is happening or not. The simple act of living our day to day lives and doing the right things for our families, our communities, our various employers, and our health can inspire others.

10,7 EOT


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