The Canyon Backblast: Grateful

11/26/2022 The Canyon AO Gene Leahy Mall, Omaha, NE

PAX: (6) Folsom, Toadstool, Gunner (Respect), Spreadsheet (Hate), Rancid, and Gipper

QIC: Gipper

Temperature: 32° F beautiful sunrise, minimal wind

Gipper welcomed 5 PAX to The Canyon. Gipper shared the mission of F3, the Five Core Principles, and mentioned that he is not a professional. All exercises are suggestions. Modify if needed and from this point forward, you are assuming a very real risk of injury. No FNGs.


The PAX moseyed to the open area on the east side of the Mall next to the Dog Park.


Windmills x 15 IC

Harry Rockettes x 15 IC

String Rippers X 15 IC

The PAX then moseyed west to the stage for the Pre-Thang.


Albatross Wings (modified) IC

​20 forward arm circles


​20 backward arm circles


​20 seal claps


​20 overhead claps

​10 Moroccan night clubs

​10 cherry pickers

​10 forward chinooks

​10 backward chinooks

​10 front raises

​10 overhead press

​10 flapping wings

​45-degree arm hold

The PAX moseyed to the open field for The Thang.


PAX spilt up into 6 stations. One PAX run around the open field (push group)

​PAX performs the first exercise until pushed, then moves to next station to perform top exercise. Once you get back to original station, start next exercise on list.


Station R

​Red Bull Smurf Jacks

​Rockette Hillbilly


​Reverse Crunch


Station C

​Carolina Dry Docks

​Copperhead Squats

​Crab Cakes

​Catalina Wine Mixer



Station P

​Pickle Pushers

​Plank Jacks

​Peter Parkers



Station A

​Alternating Shoulder Taps

​Alternating Side Squats

​Apollo Ohno’s

​American Hammers


Station T

​Tempo Merkins


​Tony Hawk Burpees

​Twinkle Toes


Station M (Didn’t have enough PAX for this station, so did as a group at the end of The Thang)


​Monkey Humpers

​Mountain Climbers

​Moroccan Night Clubs

Omaha was called and the PAX headed to the Fountain on the west side of the Mall for some Mary.


Dying Cockroach x 15 IC

​LBCs x 15 IC

​Low Dolly x 15 IC

​American Hammers Rancid Style x2

Circle of Trust

Count off and Name-O-Rama

6 PAX with  no FNGs to name. 


Always see Slack, What’s App, or Twitter for any other announcements.

Circle of Trust Message

Gipper shared his COT message today about gratitude. He is grateful for his newborn 2.0 son and his other kids and M. Each station was designated by the first letter of each 2.0’s name and his M’s name. It was also his birthday. He challenged the PAX to think of 100 things to be grateful for today. They ended by going around the circle once with each PAX saying what they are grateful for.


Prayers for all those with mental health issues.

Prayers for Tin Cup and Pit Stop’s wife.

Gipper brought everyone in a Ball of Man to pray us out. 



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