November 26, 2022 

6:00 AM

Dragon’s Lair (Gretna Park)

Weather: 32 ish

PAX members:  Canadian bacon, Flinstone, mr miyagi, Obi wan, yodel, unicycle, Crab Cakes

Q:   Blades of Glory

Pre-Runners: Obi Wan, Blades of Glory

Intro:  f3, 5 core principles, men, free, outside, rotate, cot, Mission statement, Moto, Not professional so Modify.

Warm A Rama

Run a Lap around the park was modified to run up the hill to the stop sign and back down where we finished on the basketball court.  Warma Rama long the way. 20 Side straddle IC, 10 Big ones, 20 Apple Pickers Stretches, Down Dog, then Pigeon,

Pre-Pre Thang:

TABATA for 10 Min: 50 Seconds  

50 second then 10 second rest to next one: with 1 min reset in between the 2 rounds 

1. Balls 2 Fence

2. Chil Cut Spider man

3. Burpees

4. Side Squat 

5. Stepping Forward Lunges, 2nd round step forward lunges


Stay together Run:  Stopped along the way to do 30 Air Squats IC

Run up the HIgh School building Wall to do some Wall sits, Chicken peakers, Donkey Kicks, wall sits, then 30 dips on the curb.

Ran to the parking lot by the practice field where the thang was waiting for us…


You do 18 of each exercise then reduce it by 3 each time you run between the 2 stations.  

18 Burpees, StarFish Crunches IC, Monkey Humpers IC 


Marry back at the Basketball court

30 Frozen Freddies

15 Rosalitas 



NE beat Iowa this was an announcement and answer to a prayer request

Continued prayers for PIt Stops M, Barber Shop’s Mom, Fence lines neighbor 

COT   Still finding things to be thankful for and filtering my thinking to be excited for the Pax who also have many things to be thankful for.   



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Dragon's Lair

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