November 18, 2022 5:30am

Damn Cold  degrees 

AO: Armory

Q: Scoober

PAX: (14) Chowda, Bat Country, T-Swift, Jump Street, Boji, Tonight Show, Yodel, Slow Clap, Tea Party, Doppler, Pig Pen, Smelly Cat, Dakine, Scoober(Q)

Announced: The Mission Statement, Credo. Disclaimer, and Five Core Principles. 

Asked about FNGs 

Started the playlist with a couple songs to tribute Yodel – The Lonely Goatherd (from the sound of music) and Hocus Pocus (by Focus)


Tappy Taps, Tater Taps, SSH, Big Ones

Thang 1 – 

Pax paired up,  

One pax carried 2 (or 1) coupons while the other pax did 5 alligator merkin crawls and then caught up to their partner to take the coupon(s) then did the alligator merkins. The pax alternated this while we traveled over to the hill.

Thang 2 

At the hill the pax broke up into groups of three for a three man grinder.  There were coupon stations at each end.  The traveler would crawl bear up the hill switch with the pax at the top, who would bear crawl down and relieve the pax at the bottom. 

Stations at bottom of hill. 

Do 3 Burpees, then AMRAP – Curls

Do 3 Burpees, then AMRAP – BO Rows

Do 3 Burpees, then AMRAP – OH Press

Do 3 Burpees, then AMRAP – OH Tricep Extensions

Station at top of hill

Do 5 SSH, then AMRAP – Travelign coupon Merkins

Do 5 SSH, then AMRAP – Goblet Squats

Do 5 SSH, then AMRAP – Coupon Swings

Do 5 SSH, then AMRAP – Thrusters

6MOM – Called on PAX members to call core. Doppler, Yodel, Tea Party and Dakine were called upon then we did RANCID STYLE HAMMERS 


They say the best COTs are ones where the Q can show some vulnerability and talk about something deep.  This isnt that,  because I couldnt think of anything like that.  

I did hear something in Neal Brennans latest comedy special that stood out to me.  

“If you are always looking for that magic bullet,  occasionally you are going to get shot”.  

Essentially to me this means that there is no magic bullet.  In all three F’s it takes dedication, commitment, and work. 



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