Weather: 45 degrees at 0500 dropping to 36 degrees by 0700

10k Trotters: Sparty, Toto, Mulligan, Hei Hei, T Swift, Schnitzel, Bouncer, Slow Clap, Al Borland

5k Trotters: Tubesocks, House Party, Biff, Greenhouse, Grip and Rip, A Bomb

PAX: 13 stuck around for dessert: Sparty, Biff, Hei Hei, Schnitzel, Mulligan, Tube Socks, House Party, Motor Boat, Birdman, Greenhouse, Grip&Rip, A Bomb, Al Borland

0600-Welcome PAX

5 core principles- Fumbled through but hit ‘em all:

◦ Free- there is no cost- despite this, F3 Omaha Thankful Trot has raised almost 2k in donations to local schools.

◦ Open to all men

◦ Always held outside

◦ Led in a rotating fashion by our peers

◦ End in a circle of trust

Mission statement:

◦ F3s mission is to plant grow and serve small workout groups for the (re)invigoration of male community leadership


◦ Leave no man behind but leave no man where we found them

Disclaimer: We are not professionals. The PAX concurred.


Pax mosey’d around the parking lot and circled up near the boat ramp where they were led in the following exercises:

◦ 40 side straddle hops

◦ 25 mountain climbers

◦ Big ones (very slow count)

◦ 12 Imperial Walkers


Pax gathered at the top of the circle near the boat ramp where Birdman explained that they would be led in an exercise followed by running two laps around the circle. Exercises were as follows:

◦ 40 Merkins (2 laps)

◦ 41 air squats led by Sparty (2 laps)

◦ 40 LBCs in cadence led by Mulligan (2 laps)

0620- The Thang (Al Borland)

Following the Prethang, the PAX reconvened at at the shovel flags to receive direction and their pie (thanks to Birdman for the fresh baked pies):

Near perfect Pax to Pie ratio of 2:1 – Each 2 man team worked through a moving B.O.M.B.s Grinder. 50 burpees/ 100 OHC/150 merkins/ 200 Bigboy sit-ups and/250 Squats. Man 1 performs 20 forward walking lunges holding pie straight out while Man 2 performs exercise. At completion of lunges man 1 calls back to man 2. Man 2 moseys up to man one, retrieves the pie and continues forward with 20 lunges. PAX continue northward along trail in the same fashion until 640. Omaha called at 640

0640-6MoM (Al Borland)

◦ Pie pumpers

◦ Banana Pies

◦ American Pies- I had intended to call them Pass the Pie Hammers.. thanks to Sparty for the cleverness

0645: Announcements

◦ Greenhouse is on Q at the armory

◦ $1933.51 for Thankful Trot. PAX remain fixated on the 51 cents. Accepting shirt orders and donations for next 6 days.

◦ Thank tubesocks for organizing the Turkey Trots

◦ Mr Miagi neighbors house burnt down. They are in need of clothing items and other donations at this time.

◦ Continued prayers and thoughts for various PAX. One PAX member is looking forward to a 2.0 FNG tomorrow morning at the Combine. Prayers that happens.

◦ Al Borland brought breakfast sandwiches and coffee. Tube Socks provided a beverage alternative. Several PAX partook in the post beatdown fellowship. 8 lucky PAX left with a pumpkin pie.

COT (Birdman):

Birdman asked the Pax to reflect for 20-30 seconds about the things they were grateful for on Thanksgiving and invited each of them to share a couple of things that they were thankful for. Family, good health, friendships, sobriety, supportive M’s were some of the things shared with the group. Was inspiring and powerful to listen to each Pax member share and was a wonderful culmination of the blessings we have and receive in our lives.

Sparty led us out in prayer.

PAX performing banana sit-ups with their pies…thus Banana Pies

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