Weather: 30°F 🌑, Wind SSE 1mph

QIC: Unicycle

PAX: Lincoln Log (Respect x2), Stretch, Mr. Miyagi, Crab Cakes, Pain Killer, Clark Kent, Dr. Thunder, Smores, Unicycle

FNG: 0

Welcome: Successfully recited F³, 5CP, Mission, Credo, and Disclaimer from memory. 🧠

Crab Cakes rolled in hot as our morning anchor (true to fashion…crab cakes are best served hot)!


  • SSH 16 IC
  • Big Ones 11 IC
  • Cherry Pickers 15 IC
  • Imperial Walkers 15 IC

.7 mile Chain Run to Boundary Line Hill

The Thang | Turkee Hunt Hill

Elevens (11s)

@bottom of hill | 1 Turkee (Jumping Burpee, w/ a “Gobble” call at the top)*
Sprint to the summit
@top of hill | 10 Big Boy Situps
Bernie Sanders down

R&R 9 rounds +1 Turkee each round and -1 Big Boy Situp each round

10 Count (x2)

.5 mile Chain Run to Shovel Flag

*PAX was breathin’ so hard there wasn’t much gobblin’ goin’ on! Lincoln Log wasn’t afraid to keep it gobbly though!



  • Flutter Kicks 15 IC
  • Frozen Freddys 15 IC
  • Heels 2 the Heaveans 15 IC
  • Rosalitas 15 IC
  • Thankfuls (laid flat on our backs, arms and legs out stretched, PAX shared aloud things for which they’re thankful)
  • American Hammers (Rancid Style)

Announcements / Prayer Requests


The Dune exists as a nod to what Jesus endured during his time of testing in the wilderness. He resisted the enemy and came out ready to change the world. We have been tested physically this morning out here in the gloom, but remember testing your physical endurance is only a set up for positioning your mind and heart to love your family well over the next couple days.

In the atmosphere of Thanksgiving. What can you do to take this holiday to the next level?

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