DATE: 2022-11-21
AO: Redwings
Q: T-Swift
PAX: Vandelay, Cheap Seats, Mr. Deeds( Michael Wolfe), Barn Door, Tyson Agler (The Fridge), FDIC, Truly, Kill_Switch, Heihei, Greenhouse (Will), Blades of Glory, Motor Boat, Boss Hog, Kryptonite, Longneck, Smelly Cat, HomeBoy, Icebox, Slow Clap, Old Spice, Retweet, Wait Time, Roadhouse FNGs: Grip n rip, home alone, Double Barrel, bouncer,
COT: Medal of Honor Recipient, Marine Kyle Carpenter said, “The medal of honor story is part of my journey, people that have served, never have served, drowned while trying to save others, etc. It’s not an “I” story, it’s the beauty of the human spirit. You never know if it’s a hand grenade or something so small of putting your arm around someone and asking them how they’re doing or if they’re ok. You never know when/how/to what capacity you’re going to step up and at times, even in the smallest ways, you could be a lifesaving hero for someone else.” T. Swift – Your moment doesn’t need to be a ‘massive’ moment to make an impact on someone. Be there for each other. We all need it. Have a great week!

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