Mr deeds Qing 

12 Pax temp: 14 degrees feel like -2

Chucky, Bob Ross,Hall Pass, Pantyhose,Superfly, Skipper,Lemu(Respect) Grip and Rip It Motor boat Cataracts Bouncer KillSwitch 

Hoth Day:(Star Wars Day) 

Q started welcoming the pax, explaining the core principles, no FNG’s, did a mosey around to the other side of the building for warmarma

15 Side Stradle hops ic

Michael Phelps 15 ic 

Sun gods 10 ic (both ways) 

PAX moseyed to the track and counted off for a three man grinder, which was pick your own work out while one man sprinted to the other side, to the tunes of Star Wars sings. Q called Omaha at 5:50, and proceeded to do American hammers 

Announcements: men’s impact retreat in slack 

Queen service Oscar mike in slack tranquility halfway house and 3 sites on thanksgiving

Prayers: Pit stops M Lindsay, lpc’s recovery pray for those in the cold. 


Endurance: being out in the cold you can say you’ve accomplished more then you thought you could, and to always keep pushing, no matter the storm ahead of you. 

Ended in circle of prayer 

-Mr Deeds 

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