The Trident:

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2022

24 degrees, calm, still morning. Cold but clear.

PAX: Lansbury, Big One, Room Service, Skipper, Almost Famous, Punching Bag, Kielbasa, Toadstool, Slick, Wait Time, Vandelay, Chiclets, Ozark

Q: Roadhouse

The Prodigal Son Returns, Grosse Pointe Blank. Sweet Home Alabama. All stories of returning home. Coming back to where it all started. And the questions are the same in each tale…Will they be welcome home? How will it go? And will they sleep with their high school sweetheart?

These were the same exact questions I had as I prepared for my return to the Trident. I was returning not as the site Q, but just a Q. I was excited. Anxious. A little nervous even and these emotions are reared their head as I tried to sleep the night before. I tossed and turned all night until eventually, the alarm went off. It was time to go to work.

I dressed for the cold and topped off the gear with my Trident hoodie. It was the only choice. I grabbed my weinkes, my speaker and my gloves and I hopped in the car. 46 seconds later I was at the Trident. It was good to be home.

As the clock approached 5:30 there were 12 of us circled up. I started the intro and a minivan pulled into the lot. Room Service was in the house and so was his fantastic moustache. I finished the intro and another car screamed into the lot. Big One was there. Some things don’t change. It was good to be home.

We moseyed to the parking lot behind Renaissance Financial for a little Warm a rama. We started with Silent Side Straddle Hops and subsequently followed with five burpees. There was lots of chatter in the group early. It was good to be home.


Silent SSH + Five Burpees

Big Ones

Tappy Taps

Imperial Walkers


After WAR, we moseyed over to the ramp into the parking garage. Now usually when I Q I have to decide between Wall work and a sexy pre-thang. But on this special morning, at this special place, it was an either decision. We would do both! It was good to be home.

Wall Work/ Sexy Pre Thang

Donkey Kicks

Balls to the Wall

Chicken Peckers

Australian Mt Climbers

Pickle Pushers

Pickle Pointers

Oh Yeahs

Donkey Kicks

Balls to the Wall

Chicken Peckers

Australian Mt Climbers

That was extremely satisfying. After the pre-thang, we moseyed to the Centris parking lot for the Thang. It was going to be a two-man grinder. One man would do a set of 25 Merkins or 25 Core exercise. When done with that set, he would run across the parking lot to his partner who was in a plank position. Before they tagged out, they would do one Bropee. They would continue through this until Omaha was called. I started up my Thanksgiving mix (thank you apple music) and we got started. It was good to be home.


Two Man Grinder:

Station 1: AMRAP


Station 2: Sets of 25


Heels to Heaven


Starfish Crunches


Big Boys

At 6:03, Omaha was called. We gathered up and moseyed back towards the flags together. We circled up for some Mary.


Menage-a-trois Crunches- 10

American Hammers- Rancid Style-27

And with that, the beatdown was over. That one snuck up on us. We were gassed. It was good to be home.


The selfie name a rama was  blast and I even got some action. Thanks for the kiss Wait Time.


Turkey Trot this week.

Third F opportunities galore. Vandelay is doing amazing work in that Third F role


Punching Bag’s godson passed away this week. Lots of thoughts and prayers for the family

Lansbury’s neighbor is struggling with Pancreatic Cancer. She has been like a grandma to the kids.

For all of our families during this Thanksgiving week.


I love thanksgiving. For so many reasons. Great food. Great drinks. Great company and I don’t have to buy anything for anyone. I also love this week because it allows to get intentional about what we are grateful about and what we are thankful for. I am extremely grateful for the PAX and wanted them each to know why. So I went one by one, wrapped my arms around each man and told them why I was thankful for them. It was special…. And a little romantic.

Vandelay- I am grateful for your quiet leadership and your incredible thoughtfulness.

Chiclets- I am grateful for our shared life experiences and your guidance in the storm

Ozark- I am grateful for your color scheme and our chats about Portland

Lansbury- I am grateful for our shared love of pop culture references and your humor

Big One- I am grateful for your amazing friendship, the fact that you always answer my calls and your willingness to always grab a beer with me

Room Service- I am grateful for your easy ways and that gorgeous moustache.

Skipper- I am grateful for your consistency and your battery. You never stop.

Almost Famous- I am grateful for your curiosity and willingness to learn.

Punching Bag- I am grateful for your friendship and support of Almost Famous and the fact that you are always here

Kielbasa- I am grateful to finally have the little brother I always wanted. Love you brother!

Toadstool- I am grateful for how you put your family first and know what is important.

Slick- I am grateful for you gorgeous head of hair and how you remind me how special it is to be a dad

Wait Time- I am grateful for you because I would not be here without you. You saw something in me that I was not sure existed and you love me no matter what!

And with, the hugs were over. Gratitude was expressed. It was good to be home.

I love you all


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