11/19/22, The Canyon, 7am, F3 Omaha

Q: Honey Stinger

PAX: Beta Max, Spreadsheet, Gipper, Cyclone (respect, respect) Gunnar (respect), Rancid, Othello, FDIC,

7am-Greetings, Core principals, mission statement, disclosures

PAX takes off on a mosey to get a good feel for our beautiful new Gene Leahly mall park. The PAX did a solid long loop from the west end to the east end of the park before meeting at the stage to circle up for WOR

WOR: Hill billy Rockets, SSHs, Sun Gods, High knees, mountain climbers, alternating shld taps-10IC, Tempo merkins-10IC, merkins-10

After WOR Stinger immediately takes off on a west bound mosey towards the benches and has the PAX thinking “what the hell is this gonna lead to?”.

Step ups-15IC, Dips-15, Derkins-15. Rinse and repeat x3

Arms and legs burning after 3 rounds Stinger takes off on yet another brisk mosey and leads the PAX to the slides and turf at the middle of park. PAX partners up and one partner is instructed to stay behind to perform BMWs, Bobby Hurleys, monkey humpers, and werkins while their partner runs to the slide, goes down the slide, performs 2 burpees at the bottom of the slide and then sprints back up the hill to relieve their partner. By round 2 mumble chatter is abnormally high. Stinger calls Omaha after 3 rounds of BMWs and loop slides and burpees

The Thang: I guess after all this, this, would technically be the “thang”. PaX is instructed to to stay with their partners. One partner stays behind to do a cumulative count of exercises while the other partner runs to the other end of the grass doing a burpee at the halfway point on the way down and the way back. The exercises include

Merkins-50, Big Boys-50, Air Sq-75, Alt Shld taps-50IC, Bobby Hurleys-50, Flutter kids-50IC, Squat jumps-50, LBCs-50IC, Diamond merkins-50

6:48-omaha is finally called and the PAX stays put and circles up for 6MM

6MM-Pickle pushers, pickle pounders, flutter kicks, heal touches, low dollys (Waffle House respect), end it with Rancid leading Rancid style hammers

Announcements: turkey trot, new AOs, Queen service, best to just check Slack to keep up on this fast moving F3 Omaha train

Prayers: those will be between the PAX and the Sky Q

COT: Get comfortable being uncomfortable my brothers. Leaders are not built out of men who are afraid to push themselves out of their comfort zone. Ive been reading the work of David Sinclair PhD, a Harvard professor who studies longevity in human beings. Sinclair is convinced from years of data that cells and DNA that are pushed or stressed build up a youthful resiliency making them tougher and more youthful. Extreme heat, cold, long periods of fasting, intense exercise. All the data points to the fact that these things can potentially leads to more youthful cells, DNA and a longer life. Wait Time in a COT once called F3 his fountain of youth. I couldn’t agree more. SYITG

YHC, H. Stinger

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