The Block Party – Veterans Day 11/11/2022. Really cold, feels like 8°

PAX: (16) Fine Print, Gator, Rowdy, 12 Gauge, Bayside, Ozark (Respect), Supe, Ketchup, Blades of Glory, Patchy Adam’s, Sasquash, Kryptonite, Wet Bandit, Escobar, Firebird, Pit Stop, Yogi

Q: Yogi

Very cold this morning. Few PAX were pre-running and rucking. Most were waiting in their cars until 5:29:59. We met at the flags, went over the 5 core principles, mission, credo. Advised I was not a professional. No FNG’s.

Warm up mosey halfway around the trail. Stopped and circled up:

15 ssh

15 imperial walkers

15 tappy taps

15 big ones

15 ssh

Mosey back around the trail and found a wind break to set up the coupon station.

Break into 2 groups. Group one sticks together, does lap, group 2 does amrap block exercise:

-chest press



-tri extensions

-overhead presses

Push, rinse and repeat.

6:06 Omaha was called

Mary: American Hammers, rancid style

COT: As a veteran myself, I wanted to reflect on Veterans Day. I discussed the Marine Corps Core Values of Honor, Courage and Commitment and what it means to me. Also, how those values are present in F3.

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