The following 8 HIM embraced the suck: Sputnik, BlackJack, Hoser, E-85 [HATE], Sandy Cheeks [HATE], Guts [HATE], Good Lookin’, and Doll Face [RESPECT]

QIC:  Doll  Face

The weather:  With light snow flurries, this was the first gloomy “snow on the ground” workout this fall.  The temperature was sitting around 20 degrees Fahrenheit, and along with the wind chill factor – 15 to 23 MPH from the NW, made it felt like 6 degrees Fahrenheit.  


Mosey up the road to the north, at the intersection:

Air Drama – 15

Frozen Windmill 12 IC

Cherry Pickers 20 IC

Pickle Pushers 20 IC

Hillbillies 20 IC

Continued Warm-a-rama: 

Mosey continued; following the road to the SW.

Along the way, we did some butt kickers and high knees.

We then turned downhill back towards the Pavilion, stopping mid-hill at the streetlight and did the following set of exercises: 

Monkey Humpers – 20 IC

Angle Grinder – 10 8 Count IC

Eagle Wings – 10 IC

Sun Gods – 10 IC in each direction


Mosey to the Pavilion porch.  Split up PAX in half.  Four PAX to the North side and four PAX to the South side of the porch.

Ascending Curb Crawl – Bear Crawl ½ across the porch – 1 Merkin, Crawl Bear back to the railing where you started – 2 Merkins, Rinse and Repeat until a PAX completes 10 Merkins.

Next:  We kept the blood pumping by taking a mosey around the pond.

The Thang:

Returning to the pavilion porch we split up into groups of four to prep for a four-man grinder.

“Quad-check” Grinder consisted of two teams of 4 HIM.  1 HIM Squats AMRAP, 1 HIM Carolina Dry Docks AMRAP, 1 HIM Big Boys AMRAP, while the final HIM runs a weave pattern through the stone amphitheater benches and returns to relieve the squatter, everyone then pushes/rotates to the next exercise until all 4 have completed each position.  The plan for the team(s) who finished first, was to do AMRAP Gorilla Humpers until the “six” team finishes; however, both teams finished at the same time. 


At any one time, it is believed that one in eight men (12.5%) are diagnosed with a common mental illness, such as anxiety, depression, panic disorder, or obsessive-compulsive disorder.

The reasons men don’t talk about the things they “bear”:

‘I’ve learned to deal with it (40%) 

‘I don’t wish to be a burden to anyone (36%)

‘I’m too embarrassed (29%)

‘There’s a negative stigma around this type of thing’ (20%)

‘I don’t want to admit I need support (17%)

‘I don’t want to appear weak (16%)

‘I have no one to talk to (14%)

3 signs a man is battling his demons

1. They work a lot, and they keep themselves busy all of the time.

2. They stay up late and distance themselves from other people 

3. They use the phrases, I’m good, I’m OK,  or I’m alright. With no emotion.

Please know that the Circle of Trust isn’t just here at the beat down. 

You are free to reach out to me or your other brothers in the Gloom any time throughout the week.

We just celebrated Veterans Day last week and had the Chad 1000X workout in support of Veterans who are struggling with mental health issues. I saw this T-shirt online as I was browsing the internet in support of Veterans’ mental health:

In your darkest hour

When the demons come

Call on me brother

And we will fight them together!

With Thanksgiving coming up next week, we have a lot to be thankful for. But for some, the times during the holidays can bring back sadness, loneliness, or depression. Please keep an eye out for your friends and the sad clowns in our lives. 

Let’s pray!

Close in prayer.

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