AO: The Farm | November 11th, 2022 | Feels like -2deg

PAX:  Low Flow, Bayside, Razzle Dazzle, Hu Hot, Chernobyl, Schrute, Dozer, FNG ( Glory Days ), Stall, Kickstand, Busser, Griswold.

QiC: Griswold

5:15am – Introduced myself, mission statement, 5 core principles, credo and disclaimer.  Had one FNG today, welcome Glory Days.

WoR – 5 SSH IC

Mosey’d down 1st street to grassy area for a collective partner DORA that consisted of 100EA of SSH, Mountain Climbers, Air Squats & Big boys.

Next we Mosey’d to 2nd and Spruce street.  There was a nice little hill there where we Broad jumped up and duck walked down.  We did 5 sets of those before mosey’ing to the next spot.

3rd and Main street.  Circled up and did a shoulder steinl that consisted of 10 merkins, 10 alt shoulder taps, 10 dry docks.  Did 3 sets of those with no rest in between.

Next we mosey’d up to the church on 3rd and Elm street for a leg steinl.  2 rounds of 10 narrow stance air squats, 10 regular stance air squats, 10 wide stance air squats and 10 IC bonnie blairs.

Next we mosey’d back to the flags where we circled up for an ab steinl.  10 IC gas pumpers, 10 IC flutter kicks, 10 big boys.

All together 2+ miles of work

Finished off with some Broga.

A&P: Can food drive, Pit combo with Apex, Thankful trot, Pit stop and Lindsay, Baby Cayden, Kickstand MiL, Nose surgery for Chernobyl’s son.

CoT:  Was about a strained relationship with my alcoholic MiL.  My wife is beginning conversations with her again and she asked me if I’d be ok to have her in the house, to which I responded no. I talked a little more about the history of that relationship and what led me to that decision.  Ultimately I have compassion for those people but only when I think they’re making the correct choices to deserve that. 

I led us out in prayer.



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The Farm

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