PAX (14): Ice Box, Lite Brite, Q Tip, Baby shoes, Escobar, Hard Hat, Robinhood, Rowdy, Urkel, Golden
Pond, Cowboy, Bayside, Bovine

Mission: Is to plant, grow, and serve small workout groups for men for the invigoration of male
community leadership.

Core Principles:
1) Open to all Men
2) Free of Charge
3) Held Outdoors
4) Led in a rotating fashion/I am not a professional so modify as needed.
5) End in a Circle of Trust

15 Side Straddle Hops (IC)
15 Cherry Pickers (IC)
15 Tappy Taps (IC)
15 Big Ones (IC)
15 Sun Gods Forward/Reverse (IC)
15 Goof Balls (IC)

Pre-Thang: 3/4 Lap Mosey and then stop at the light by the 50 yd line.

The Thang:
3 Man Grinder: One Partner will head up the stairs and begin an AMRAP exercise at the top of the
bleachers, the 2nd partner will start with their own AMRAP exercise at the bottom of the stair case.
The 3rd guy will be the first push guy. The Push Group will start with (30) air squats giving their partner
enough time to get up the stairs and begin their workout.
Downstairs: (AMRAP) Bonnie Blairs, Burpees, Carolina Dry Docks, Freddie Mercury’s, Plank Jacks,
Rosalitas, Squats, Heels to Heaven.
Upstairs: (AMRAP) LBCs, Merkins, Pickle Pushers, Mountain Climbers, Flutter Kicks, Monkey Humpers,
Bobby Hurleys, Alternating Shoulder Taps

6:05: Omaha!!! Mosey back to Shovel Flags.
Rancid Style Hammers: 14
Announcements: Turkey Trot
Prayers: Pit Stop’s M Lindsey, Tin Cup

Last month, I lost motivation and fart sacked for 3 weeks straight. I had a work trip in there, but really
I just needed to regain commitment. During, my break several guys reached out, Q-Tip, Gator,
Unicycle, Blades of Glory among others checking on me. Not too many other groups have the level of
accountability that we have and it’s an amazing feeling that guys actually care and look forward to
seeing you in the morning. Yesterday was my One year anniversary from when Bovine brought me
out. When I started I was in the worst shape mentally that I have ever been. This group has made me
a better man both mentally and physically. I challenge each of you guys to reach out to a fellow PAX
that has slipped a little on attendance, regardless of the weather this time of year. Communication
works and sometimes it’s the little things reaching out to show you care.


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Our mission is to plant, grow and serve small (free) workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.

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